09/19/19 8:00am

Mr. Lomuscio shares his quest, and his recipe, to make crab cakes with local blue claws.

You might say that I became somewhat crabby last week. 

Those who know me would say that it’s nothing new. But what I am talking about is going after crabs -— blue claw crabs.


09/15/19 3:00pm

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Global warming is producing atom bomb versions of hurricanes.

That was the case with Hurricane Dorian and other Category 5 (winds at 157 miles per hour or higher, which is the most destructive level) and Category 4 hurricanes (winds of 130 to 156 miles per hour) that have been developing with frequency in recent years. (more…)

09/14/19 11:00am


For most of us, summer is a busy, sometimes hectic, but enjoyable time.

And for many of us, summer has provided an opportunity to escape from daily stress and interruptions via tweets and “breaking news alerts.” But now, as summer winds down, and we return to another phase of reality, there are concerns, often overlooked by the media, that deserve our serious attention. (more…)