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‘The Addams Family’: Creepy, kooky and tons of fun

Shelter Island School students in 8th through 12th grade presented “The Addams Family” musical last weekend under the direction of John and Anu Kaasik. The talented actors and actresses sang music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa under the direction of musical directors Deanna Locascio and Keith Brace.

The plot has Wednesday’s love interest, Lucas (David Neese), and his family being introduced to the Addam’s family. But it’s not an average first meeting. The young couple plan to announce they’re engagement after dinner — if all goes well. The scenes unfold with spooky and downright hilarious shenanigans as the two very different families spend an evening together. 

Gomez Addams (Owen Gibbs) and daughter Wednesday (Francis Regan) contemplate love.

The cast sang their way through 21 songs and danced through both acts while exploring the challenges of marriage, love and family. Laughter was a constant for the crowd, inspired by modern-day jokes and Uncle Fester attempting to woo the moon. For the full review, see the Reporter Thursday, April 11.

The young couple and their families enjoying a game of ‘Full Disclosure,’ an Addam’s non-traditional tradition, during dinner.
Gomez and Uncle Fester (Taylor Tybaert), who has fallen in love with the moon.