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Earth science at Mashomack

Under the direction of the Nature Conservancy’s Cindy Belt and Shelter Island teacher Carolyn Taylor, Shelter Island School’s earth science class had a fantastic day completing a field lab at Mashomack last month. Skills included map and chart reading, orienting with compasses to find a “pregnant tree,” a glacial erratic, a glacier re-enactment, observing soil horizons and reviewing types of rocks.

Cindy Belt, Bazzy Quigley-Dunning, Elijah Davidson, Carolyn Taylor, Bella Springer, Ben Waife, Elijah Davidson and Andrea Napoles.
From left, Jalill Carter, Hayden Rylott, Noah Topliff, Luca Martinez and Elijah Davidson explore charted waters around Shelter Island.
Ariana Carter found a family of rocks.