News from Goat Hill: No. 5 makes another golfer’s day

COURTESY PHOTO A jubilant Pete Disch aced the fifth hole at Shelter Island Country Club at Goat Hill on July 3.

Pete Disch nailed a 6-iron off the tee on the 157-yard No. 5 to score the third hole-in-one of his golfing career, and his second ace at Shelter Island Country Club (SICC) at Goat Hill.

Disch, of Shelter Island, was playing on Wednesday, July 3 with this reliable golfing partner, Jack Cortner. “I hit it straight at the pin,” which was placed right center on the sloping left-to-right green, Disch said.

He thought he overshot the green.

Neither Disch nor Cortner saw the ball go in — “I can’t see that far,” he quipped. And that’s a shame, considering No. 5 is one of only two non-blind holes on the nine-hole Goat Hill course.

Disch had a hole-in-one in 2015 on Goat Hill’s No. 9 — the course’s other non-blind hole. Luckily, he did see that one drop in. His first hole-in-one came at Casperkill Golf Club in Poughkeepsie in 2012.

Disch’s ace was the second this season on the fifth hole. Tim Pogue of Southampton shot a hole-in-one on the par 3 hole on June 21. It was Pogue’s first-ever round on the course.

Meeting for SICC members coming up
Mark your calendars! Goat Hill members are urged to attend a summer membership meeting at the clubhouse at 4 p.m., Sunday, July 14. Among other agenda items, we’ll announce the plans for our club championship tournament.

Please! No children behind the wheel!
Golf carts are not toys. Golf carts are motor vehicles and don’t have seat belts. Golf carts do not have adjustable seats. Goat Hill has steep hills and is not the easiest to navigate. Stick a child behind the wheel of a golf cart and, well, that’s just stupid.

Please, people, get a grip.

We’re serious about this. We never rent carts to children, for obvious safety reasons. Only people with driver’s licenses are allowed to drive a golf cart. Offenders will forfeit their cart use and cart fee.

Sorry, Larry
When writing about Goat Hill’s closeup on News 12 Long Island’s East End Show, Larry Lechmanski, who was interviewed by host Doug Geed, was identified in this space as a long-time patron of the club. Which he is.

But, more importantly, Lechmanski, as he kindly reminded us, worked 32 seasons at the club maintaining and repairing course equipment and golf carts. The full show, which includes Lechmanski’s extensive knowledge about the club and its history, will air on a Saturday soon.

Give your old clubs a new home
SICC is looking for clubs and bags in good condition to replace outdated rental clubs.

If you have a set you’d like to donate, just drop them at the pro shop, or give us a call at (63) 749-0416 and we’ll pick them up.