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Shelter Island Police Department blotter


Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Galit Shrvit, 43, of Sag Harbor was stopped for failure to keep right and using a mobile phone without a hands-free device while driving on July 31. Upon further investigation she was arrested for driving while intoxicated. The defendant was processed at police headquarters and arraigned at Justice Court, where she was released on her own recognizance and directed to return at a later date.

Adam R. Sivon of Ridge was ticketed on July 30 for operating a motorcycle without the proper license and speed not reasonable and prudent on Shore Road.

Timothy J. Bondarchuk of Orient was given a summons on July 30 on South Ferry Road for cellphone use while driving. On that date, Julian A. Sawhill of Chapel Hill, N.C. was ticketed on West Neck Road for having inadequate stop lamps.

On Aug. 2, Elvin D. Fuentes of Cutchogue was ticketed on Stearns Point Road for failure to keep right, not having the appropriate driver’s license and speeding 48 mph in a 35 mph zone.

Azamat Ochilov of Bishek, Kyrgyzstan received a summons on Aug. 2 for cellphone use while driving on West Neck Road. On that date, Mason M. Marcello of Shelter Island was ticketed for speeding 45 mph in a 35 mph zone on St. Mary’s Road.

Georges T. Fakhry of Brookline, Mass. received a summons on Aug.4 on North Cartwright Road for speed not reasonable and prudent and 3rd-degree aggravated unlicensed operation.

Taylor H. Golombiewski of Davey, Fla. received a summons from a bay constable on Aug. 2 for having an unregistered motor boat in West Neck Harbor.

Thomas M. Ludlow of Mattituck was ticketed on Aug. 3 for having no anchor and line aboard his vessel in West Neck Harbor. Ryan McNeill was given a summons that day off Crescent Beach for failure to carry the registration certificate for his vessel. Samuel Havens of Barrington, R.I. was ticketed for imprudent speed in the North Ferry Channel on that date.

George Holley of Norwalk, Conn. was ticketed on Aug. 4 near Wades Beach for failure to carry his vessel’s registration certificate. Berthold Frowein of East Hampton was ticketed on that date for towing persons not wearing a personal flotation device off Smith Cove. Erik Goudis of Wilton, Conn. received a ticket for operating without a safety certificate in Smith Cove that day.

On July 30, Stephanie J. Bucalo was ticketed for permitting numerous dogs to bark continuously for 13 minutes. A second summons was issued to that person for permitting numerous dogs to bark continuously for 15 minutes.

A summons was given to Andre J. Monti of Shelter Island on Aug. 2 for allowing one dog to run at large.

On Aug. 4, a car operated by Kenneth Alan Gootkind of West Palm Beach was attempting to parallel park in the southbound lane on North Ferry Road near Chase Avenue when a pickup driven by Walter J. Ogar of Shelter Island attempted to pass by entering the northbound lane. When re-entering the southbound lane he clipped the front bumper of the first car, causing damage in excess of $1,000.

Other Reports
Police conducted distracted driving enforcement in the Center on July 30, Aug. 1 and Aug. 3.

Following a call Aug. 1 reporting that three vehicles attempted to cut the North ferry line, police observed the line was at the sea wall on Cedar Avenue that appeared to be flowing normally. An officer remained in the area to assist with traffic if needed.

On Aug. 2, police conducted a safety check point at South Ferry. Police responded to a call Aug. 5 from the Center reporting that an individual had not been home for several hours. Officers located the individual, who was having lunch and stated that everything was fine.

Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD) responded to a false alarm July 31 in Hilo caused by faulty sensors. That day a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm was activated in Silver Beach. A SIFD chief checked and found no CO.

On Aug. 1, a Dering Harbor smoke alarm was activated due to excessive heat in the residence. SIFD Chief Reiter advised the caretaker to turn on air-conditioning to cool the house.

A CO alarm was activated on Aug. 3 in Silver Beach. Chief Reiter said it was due to gas in the oven, and the alarm was appropriate.

On Aug. 4, a Heights residence had smoke in the garage. SIFD was on the scene, and determined there was a problem with an electric wire going to the water heater. The owner was advised to contact an electrician.

Aided Cases
Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services responded to five calls for assistance and transported the patients to Eastern Long Island Hospital.

Marine Incidents
On Aug. 2, a vessel was reported entering West Neck Harbor at 20 knots and passed very close to another boat. The bay constable warned the operator of the severity of reckless operation.

Bay constables responded to a report Aug. 4 of smoke coming from a boat; smoke was coming from the engine but there was no fire.

Animal Incidents
Two dogs were reported at large in Montclair on Aug. 1, An officer captured both and returned them to the owner.

A Ram Island caller requested help Aug. 2 to remove a bat from inside the residence. The owner succeeded in removing the bat prior to police arrival.

Traffic Control Officers
54 parking tickets were issued this week.