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Changes at the Tuck Shop: But the vibe is as sweet as ever

The Tuck Shop has been bringing smiles to Shelter Island since 1980 when the ice cream shop was purchased by Bill and Pat Sulahian.

The name “Tuck Shop” came from Pat, who taught in Germany, traveled in Europe and liked the name, which was part of a franchise of sellers of snacks in England. When Ms. Sulahian first opened the Tuck Shop she sold candy as well.

Last year, John Sieni bought the beloved Island summer spot and gave it a full makeover. Before, when you walked in the door, there were refrigerators and freezers to the left and, on the back wall, a huge whiteboard of all the flavors. There was also a game room on the other side of the shop. Now the left side has been transformed into a dining area with red tables and chairs, allowing customers to enjoy their ice cream out of the hot summer sun.

The shop now also features all new appliances with two large sphere lights and brand new tile on the floor. On the back wall, in place of the whiteboard, there is a chalkboard covered with different drink and size options, toppings and custom sundaes, including the Ferry Fun Sundae or the Mashomack S’mores Sundae.

Not only are there now new sundaes, but new limited edition flavors such as Cookie Monster and Milky Way have been brought to the shop. If new flavors and sundaes are not enough, customers can now also purchase chipwiches or flying saucers.

The Tuck Shop has also introduced coffee to the menu — the beverage, not the ice cream flavor. Not in the mood for coffee? Not a problem, Rock Beverage is now the Tuck Shop’s new neighbor in place of the game room, selling beer, snacks and drinks.

While the shops are open this summer, they are following proper protocols for COVID-19. Only four customers or the group you came with are allowed in the Tuck Shop at a time, with face coverings required.

Even though this pandemic summer may feel different, a scoop of ice cream from the Tuck Shop is sure to bring back the sweetness of a traditional Shelter Island summer.