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Lines, delays and confusion at Center Post Office

Lines were long and tempers short at the Center Post Office Saturday morning, reportedly from a problem with package deliveries. Residents complained that they came to pick up a package, only to be told that the Post Office had been returning packages to senders within one day of delivery if they had not been picked up.

Rob Sloan said Saturday morning he waited 40 minutes to get to the desk with a yellow card indicating he had a package, but was told when he finally saw an employee that the package was not there.

The line stretched from the front door of the Post Office to the liquor store on Route 114. (Courtesy Photo)

Questions and conversations ensued between postal patrons and staff, slowing down progress to the point where the line for pickup extended out the door and down the sidewalk.

In response to a complaint this week, the Reporter contacted USPS spokesperson Maureen Marion, who handles media inquiries for the Manhattan, Bronx and Long Island regions.

Ms. Marion responded by email: “I do not have the info I need yet … I am hearing one thing, but maybe I can confirm otherwise.”

The spokesperson indicated she would make an effort to have more information by Monday.

The Reporter will update with any further information as it’s received.