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Senior Class rises and shines

The Shelter Island School’s Class of 2021 cleaned up on Saturday, April 17 when they successfully held a car wash to raise funds for their class trip.

According to adviser Michelle Corbett, the sudsy seniors washed a steady stream of vehicles of all sizes for over four hours and raised nearly $1,600 to support their trip.

Seniors Tyler Gulluscio, Bradley Batten and Lydia Shepherd get a town fire engine looking its best. (Credit: Courtesy photo)

The class of 2021 is awaiting a decision from the Board of Education on their plans to vacation in a large house in Pennsylvania that would accommodate the group with appropriate social distancing.

Activities would include an outing to Hershey Park, a visit to the Lackawanna Coal Mine and white-water rafting. Facilities at the house include a sauna, swimming pool and movie theater.

The trip is slated for June 13 through 16.

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