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Another resignation— the fourth in two weeks — from town committees: De Rose quits Comprehensive Plan group

Call it the era of resignations on Shelter Island. The latest comes from Kathleen De Rose, who has resigned from the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC). In an email Thursday, Ms. De Rose said she was quitting her position.

“I am happy to have served the community,” she said. “I wish all the CPAC committee members good luck.”

Her resignation follows those of Project Manager Edward Hindin, Task Force member and former Councilman Mike Bebon, and Community Housing Board member Peter McCracken, all within the past two weeks.

Ms. De Rose had led the effort to push through a recommendation to the Town Board to make no changes to zoning or land use until the Comprehensive Plan group made its final recommendations.

The Town Board rejected the advice out of hand and has subsequently put the entire Comprehensive Plan effort on hold.

Ms. De Rose had become a lightning rod for both support and condemnation, with some saying she was engaged in good-faith criticism of the Comprehensive Plan process, while others called her needlessly disruptive.

Several members of CPAC have said they want to continue to craft a Plan, and would like to continue to serve.  

With resignations rocking Town Hall, two important priorities for the community are in jeopardy. The Comprehensive Plan is, as said, on hold, and the Community Housing Board, charged with exploring affordable housing options, is now down to two members, with Supervisor Gerry Siller publicly suggesting it be shut down.