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Jake takes a break

It is not a lot of fun out there on the pro golfing tour when you’re missing cuts by one shot. But that’s what has been happening to Jay (Jake) Card III the last few weeks.

Everyone I talk to seems to think he should get away from it and see if he can’t get in a better frame of mind.

That seems to be the same thinking Jake had in Kansas City last week. What better time than his birthday week, May 27. Jake will be away from those 14 clubs all this week and be back again to pick them up again next week.

He was moving along so well before the last few weeks, but golf, like all sports, is played in the mind.

When you keep missing by one shot, you can’t help but get discouraged. When that happens, your mind gets tighter and things just are not as clear.

Here’s hoping that this little rest will sharpen him up so he can continue the positive path he was on before this week.

Go get ‘em, Jake.

And Happy Birthday!