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Shelter Island Police Department blotter: Dec. 13, 2022

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Following an investigation, police arrested James S. Lenzer, 61, of Shelter Island at 12:09 p.m. on Dec. 4. Mr. Lenzer, police said, had made several phone calls to 911 and to police headquarters with no legitimate purpose; he was charged with aggravated harassment in the 2nd degree. Mr. Lenzer was processed and released on an appearance ticket for Shelter Island Justice Court at a later date.


Jose M. Mendez Umana, Eastport, was issued a ticket on Dec. 9 on South Ferry Road for driving while using a portable electronic device. Also on the 9th, Marco P. Guzman Cabrera, Sag Harbor, received three summonses on North Ferry Road for driving with visibility distorted by broken glass, inadequate or no brake lights, and inadequate or no lights.

Walter S. Barrera Rea was ticketed on Dec. 10 on North Menantic Road for driving while using a portable electronic device.

Emeliza A. Castillo Cabrera, the Bronx, was driving on Sunshine Road on Dec. 11 when she was given a summons for having a 4- to 7-year-old in the back seat with no or improper restraint. She received a second ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign.

Police conducted 16 radar enforcement, distracted driving and traffic stops on Dec. 6 and on Dec. 8 through 11 in the Center, Heights, Harbor View, Cartwright and West Neck, resulting in eight warnings and seven tickets.


Joseph M. Lupo, Shelter Island, was turning onto Dogwood Lane from South Ferry Road on Dec. 6 when his vehicle was rear-ended by Joel Penaramirez, Shelter Island. Mr. Penaramirez said he tried to stop but slid into Mr. Lupo’s vehicle due to the wet roadway. There was over $1,000 damage to the rear of Mr. Lupo’s pickup truck and the front of Mr. Penaramirez’s pickup.

Rebecca H. Smith, Shelter Island, was driving west on West Neck Road on Dec. 7 when her vehicle was hit by a deer, causing extensive damage to the front bumper, hood and windshield.

Other reports

A caller reported ongoing aggressive and erratic incidents by a person on Dec. 5. The caller did not wish to pursue charges at that time but wanted the behavior documented.

Police were contacted again on Dec. 5 about a caller’s concerns regarding an elderly person’s driving, and police were asked to take any necessary actions if they observed the person driving in a hazardous way.

On the 5th, a caller complained about a construction sign posted on the owner’s Center property; no work was being done there. An officer contacted the company; a representative will remove the sign.

A caller told police on Dec. 6 that there was a smell of gas in her Center residence. The Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD) responded and determined the odor was due to the oven being left on.

On Dec. 7, a person, who was attempting to collect payment for a job he had completed, received a threatening text message in response.

On Dec. 8, police impounded two kayaks and a dingy in Silver Beach, two paddle boards in the Center and West Neck, a Sunfish in the Center and kayaks in the Center and Cartwright — all were in violation of the Town Code.

Also on the 8th, a caller contacted police to inquire about a person she believes is living in her apartment building in New York City with connections to Shelter Island.

Police were told on Dec. 9 that landscaping trucks parked on Bateman Road were blocking a lane of traffic. An officer found all trucks legally parked with traffic cones set out.

An anonymous caller told police on Dec. 9 that someone was blowing leaves onto a Center roadway. An officer located the person and advised him not to; the leaves were removed from the road without incident.

Police were told on Dec. 10 that unknown landscapers were illegally disposing of debris at a Hay Beach location. The caller was advised to contact the police the next time he saw someone doing so improperly.

A caller reported on the 10th that a parked vehicle’s headlights were aimed at her house for several hours. An officer located the vehicle parked at a construction site in the Center, facing the caller’s house.

A dog bite was called in on Dec. 11; the person was taken to Eastern Long Island Hospital and then Stony Brook University Hospital for treatment.

An injured turkey in the Center was taken by the animal control officer to the vet for euthanasia.

Also on the 11th, a caller told police it sounded like someone was breaking into his next door neighbor’s house in Menantic. An officer located the owner of the house who had forgotten his keys and was locked out.

In other incidents: police performed court duty; conducted a property audit; delivered an order of protection; responded to three lost and found reports; carried out a well-being check; fingerprinted a person for employment purposes; verified a Vehicle Identification Number; attended training in Brentwood,; answered a medical alert; and provided traffic support for the Christmas Parade.


A fire alarm was set off accidentally in the Center on Dec. 6. Police advised the SIFD.

The SIFD responded to a carbon monoxide alarm in West Neck on the 7th. A slight amount was detected —the kitchen oven had been left on without proper ventilation. An EMS team was on site but medical attention was refused.

On Dec. 8 and Dec. 9, the SIFD responded to fire alarms on Ram Island and the Heights respectively. In one case, an employee had attempted to light a fire in the fireplace and a small cloud of smoke set off the alarm. The second alarm was activated by a faulty sensor.

Police found an open back door at a Center home while following up on a residential alarm there. The residence was searched; it was secure and the door was closed.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported two people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Dec. 9 and 10.