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What is that? March 19, 2023

If you know, let us know. Send your responses to [email protected] or phone 631-275-1859.

Roger McKeon was the first to contact us, saying last week’s photo (see below) is a picture “of South Ferry’s the Lt. Joseph J. Theinert in a bar on Shelter Island.”

(Credit: Ambrose Clancy)

Close, Roger, but as you know, close is only good in horseshoes  … and hand grenades.

Patricia Hanson called and knew it was The Islander, the great breakfast, lunch, dinner and meeting place, open seven days a week. Patricia said, “The chairs in the photo, they were the giveaway.”

Rich Surozenski, on our Facebook page, identified the painting as the work of Cat Brigham.

Ms. Brigham had done the stunning murals on the walls of the Islander but, as Rich explained, the painting, along with others, was saved “when they repainted the Islander and they actually cut the sheet rock out and kept the paintings to frame and hang on the walls.”

A great save for all of us.

Carole L. Bevans and Trish O’Brien also weighed in correctly on Facebook.

Karen Lawson emailed us with the correct answer, along with Ellen Lynch, and Esther Simovich recognized it because it’s “the spot where I sit at the counter.”

Carolyn Denning called and was all over it, adding, “We love the Islander,” and Ed Mullins also called and recognized the stunning art.

Paulann Sheets gave us a ring with the right answer, adding, “We love our paper.”