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Shelter Island Police Department blotter: May 31, 2023

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


On May 22, police observed a vehicle matching the description of one that left the scene of an accident on May 17; a ticket was issued to the driver, Heidy Melgar Barrientos of Riverhead, for aggravated unlicensed operation in the 3rd degree. Krenar Kamberi of Woodside was ticketed on May 23 for failure to stop at a stop sign on Waverly Place. A summons was issued to Corbin Coles of Harrison on May 25 for speeding 51 mph in a 35-mph zone on Ram Island Drive.

Harbormasters issued a summons to Jose Rodriguez of Richmond Hill for camping with a tent by Bootleggers Alley on May 27. Eric S. Hanson of New York City was ticketed for an unregistered motorboat near the Pridwin Hotel on May 28.

Atlas Christianson of Lebanon, Pa. was ticketed for speeding 40 mph in a 25-mph zone on New York Avenue on May 27. On the 28th, Grant Smith of Babylon also received a summons for speeding 40 mph on New York Avenue. Eugene Acevedo of East Williston was ticketed for an unregistered vehicle that day on New York Avenue.


On May 22, persons were notified of a change in order of protection; police performed court duty. A traffic stop at N. Ferry Road and Mainwaring resulted in a verbal warning.

On the 23rd, police investigated a tow truck that pulled into the wrong driveway; they determined a wrong address was given. Two traffic stops on North Ferry Road resulted in verbal warnings. Police were advised about a license being downgraded to a permit.

Distracted driving enforcement in the Center resulted in two warnings on May 23; also two on the 26th. Police provided an escort to and from headquarters for a DNA sample on the 23rd. The DARE Emergency (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) lesson was taught to the kindergarten. Marine training was successfully completed that day. A complainant reported a dispute that day for documentation only.

A caller complained on the 24th that her slip at Town Dock in Cartwright was being used by an unknown vessel. Police investigated the theft of several rose bushes from the Pridwin Hotel; they were located and returned. Prosecution was declined.

That day, police assisted a truck accessing the driveway at White Oak Gardens. A defendant was served with an appearance ticket at the direction of D/Sgt. Thilberg,

At the request of the Town Attorney, police investigated a possible illegal mooring in Dering Harbor on May 24; no illegal moorings were noted. Traffic stops in Menantic and the Center resulted in warnings.

Two traffic stops were conducted on Ram Island on the 25th, resulting in one warning and a ticket listed above. An order of protection was served without incident. A traffic stop in the Center that day resulted in a warning.

Police responded to a report on May 26 of a landscaper dumping grass clippings on town property in the Center. A verbal warning was issued and he agreed to stop dumping there. Traffic stops on New York Avenue resulted in two warnings and the ticket listed above. Following an anonymous complaint about tables and chairs blocking the sidewalk at a Heights location, police and the town building inspector observed the sidewalk to be clear; the building inspector said he would monitor for continued compliance.

A warning was issued that day to Jetskiers in West Neck Creek. Loud music was reported from the Shipwreck Bar; the volume was not in violation when police arrived. Another report of loud music in West Neck was resolved when an employee agreed to lower the volume. After receiving a report of a disabled vessel in Coecles Harbor, police advised them how to contact the Marina, which observed the vessel anchored and awaiting Sea Tow.

A report of drug possession in West Neck was investigated on May 27. Environmental Control Law (ECL) checks in West Neck conducted that day found no fishing issues; a person was advised there was no camping on the beach.

Another check in Hay Beach found five persons fishing; they were advised to extinguish a small campfire close to beach grass and complied. An operator of a boat that ran aground was assisted in Menantic.

Possible parking violations were reported and investigated in Reel Point. No violations were observed; the complainant was advised to call police at the time of occurrence. Traffic stops on Grand Avenue and New York Avenue resulted in three warnings.

A caller complained of excessive wakes on May 27 in West Neck Harbor damaging his beach front; he was advised to call when it occurs and to advise the town’s Waterways Management Advisory Council.

In other marine incidents that day: five vessels were advised to move to designated anchorage. A caller said his boat was taking on water and possibly on fire; he had beached the vessel in the Silver Beach area.

On May 28, radar enforcement was conducted near the South Ferry. Loud music reported in West Neck was resolved; a West Neck traffic stop resulted in a warning; an ECL check in Hay Beach found no issues; and police provided a lift assist in the Center.


The Animal Control Officer dealt with three dogs at large and freed a bird stuck in a window and a woodchuck in a basement. Three turkeys were reported with bird pox; two were euthanized, the other could not be caught. A baby raccoon was returned to its mother on May 23. A snapping turtle in West Neck was found dead and removed after being hit by a vehicle on May 26.


On May 22, police responded to a burglar alarm in the Center and found no problems. On May 23 a smoke and CO alarm in Hay Beach was deemed false. That day, a fire alarm at a Heights location was believed caused by a patron smoking an e-cigarette; Shelter Island Fire Department Chief Dan Rasmussen deemed the alarm appropriate.

On May 26 and 28, CO alarms were activated in the Heights. On May 27, a burglar alarm was set off inadvertently in Ram Island.


Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services transported eight patients on May 22, 23, 26, 27 and 28 to Eastern Long Island Hospital. One patient was medevaced to Stony Brook University Hospital on May 26.