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What is that? Dec. 30, 2023

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First to name last week’s mystery photo (see right) was Nathaniel Sloan, who called to say, “It’s the electric vehicle charger at Mashomack.”

(Credit: Ambrose Clancy)

Nathaniel, 7, is a 2nd grader at Shelter Island School and, obviously, a  sharp observer of his home island.

Bill Harding emailed us to say, “I use it a few times per week in the summer to charge my R1S Rivian.” Jon Brush also emailed us with the correct answer, and on our Facebook page LoriAnn Ferrer Plock was on the money followed by Erica Virtue, Lois Walther, Arel English and Trisha O’Brien.

May Yeung, media relations manager for The Nature Conservancy, said there are four EV chargers at Mashomack, two of which are for the public and “chargers at the visitor center are used daily. We’ve seen a large variety of electric vehicles charging at the station.”

Mashomack currently has one e-vehicle, a hybrid jeep and, Ms. Yeung said,  “As our current fleet of vehicles age out and need to be replaced our goal, whenever possible, is to replace with plug-in hybrid or full EV vehicles. Electrifying our fleet at Mashomack and promoting the use of electric vehicles is part of a larger initiative by the Conservancy to reduce carbon emissions globally, and within the organization. On average, driving on electricity in the U.S. today produces emissions equivalent to a conventional gasoline car that gets 80 miles per gallon — which is far better mileage than any gasoline-powered car available.”

There are currently EV chargers at Crescent Beach, Police Headquarters and at the Building Department.