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Shelter Island School softball team in action against Springs

It was a beautiful day for a game Tuesday when the Shelter Island School junior high softball team traveled to take on the Springs Ospreys on their home turf.

The game concluded with a final score of 4-1 on the technicality of a time limit in the third inning.  

The lost fight did not go without its triumphs for the Islanders, with Elizabeth Weslek starting the game strong in the first inning with a powerful hit into right field. Her teammate, Kylie Kuhr, followed by stealing second and third base, earning the team a run as she slid home.

 Natalie Mamishiavili showed power in the batter’s box by sending a pitch far into the outfield. Then, a stunning play by Lily Brigham, who on a third-strike dropped ball sprinted to first.  It was a move that Coach Kristin Sweeney said is often missed by batters who aren’t keeping a close eye on the dropped ball.  

On defense the Islanders held their own. Behind home plate for only her second game, Ella Fundora worked well with pitcher Kuhr, and monitored base runners for potential attempts for steals. This was Kuhr’s second date on the mound, and she notched two strikeouts.

Lily Brigham was solid at shortstop; at the end of the game she left her position with a smile.

After beginning the game strong on offense, Weslek played a flawless  second base. A final sparkling play from the team was centerfielder Michelle Martinez completing an unassisted double play, catching a pop fly and following it up with a force at second base.  

In post-game remarks, Coach Sweeney said,  “I’m very proud of the growth in not only skills but in the confidence and strong mind-set this team is developing. Every game has shown milestone progress and as experience grows this team has a bright future.”