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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor: June 6, 2024


To the Editor:

I was pleased to see that Karl Grossman has taken up the cause of banning gas-powered leaf blowers, (“Suffolk Closeup” May 30).

As Mr. Grossman points out, the use of these blowers creates significant environmental and personal health hazards, especially for those who use them on a day-to-day basis.

Mr. Grossman reports that the Town of Southampton has recently joined the growing number of communities that have banned this equipment. His description of the process by which Southampton arrived at this decision can serve as a model for our own community.

Viable alternatives make it possible for land owners and landscapers to satisfy their needs while allowing their neighbors to enjoy a quieter and more healthful life.

MICHAEL McClain, Shelter Island


To the Editor:

It was so wonderful to see so many of you for our Memorial Day event.

We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Morehead and Clark families for hosting. Seeing the almost 150 members of our community come out to support our extraordinary Democratic candidates, showed us that a new path for the Shelter Island Democratic Committee is possible. One filled with energy, transparency, positivity and hope.

We also want to correct some misinformation. You may have read an article in last week’s paper, which the SIR has graciously corrected this week.

Or perhaps you received a letter this week from the current chair of the SIDC. We want to be crystal clear: the effort to restore fiscal responsibility and an open selection process for Democratic candidates came from inside the committee, by half of the committee’s current members who are frustrated and fed up.

We are a group of independent candidates representing a wide swath of Shelter Islanders, and of political viewpoints — that is our strength.  Some of us are associated with a Better Island for All, and are very open about that (Kathy, Bill, Greg), but our group is  not funded or put forward by ABIFA as erroneously reported last week.

Shelter Island needs to have one open, fiscally responsible Democratic Committee. The letter that the current Chair sent to voters this week is a perfect example of the problem.

Fear mongering, and refusing to talk to people in our party with different points of view, gets us nowhere. Let’s all be adults and work together — we have much more in common than divides us.

A functional and successful Democratic Party should represent all Democrats on Shelter Island, not just the ones we agree with on every issue.

Isn’t that how democracy is supposed to work?