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Shelter Island’s Perlman Music Program hosts family day: Youngsters welcomed for up-close experience

The Perlman Music Program presented a Family Concert on Sunday, July 7 in its performance tent.

Young children were invited to try junior-size instruments, with some guidance, and then were treated to a performance by Summer Music School students and faculty.

Dozens of toddlers sat with their parents on the floor in front of the stage, then jumped up to join in singing and dancing with the musicians.

Founders Toby and Itzhak Perlman watched like proud grandparents from the rear of the tent. The Maestro himself made a cameo (bewigged) appearance in a skit devised by the students and staff.

Itzhak and Toby Perlman enjoy watching the Family Concert events from the rear of the performance tent. (Credit: Susan Carey Dempsey)

The event was one of numerous free performances open to the public at Perlman throughout the summer.

Seated on the floor in front of the stage, Mike, left, and Carey Reddan enjoy the show along with other toddlers and parents. (Credit: Susan Carey Dempsey)