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ILLUSTRATION: GETTY IMAGES/iSTOCK Island’s bounce-back following national trends

ILLUSTRATION: GETTY IMAGES/iSTOCK The local bounce-back is  following national trends

If anyone doubts that the economy has improved considerably, just speak with Shelter Island business owners.

With almost no exceptions, Island businesses followed national trends in recovering handsomely from a brutal winter. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 192,000 new jobs were created nationally in March, a sign of optimism kicking off a solid spring and summer.

In an informal survey, the Reporter found that Island business owners had their own way of measuring summer success: Many were so busy they’re relieved to be able to take a breather this fall. (more…)

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JO ANN KIRKLAND PHOTO |  Bounty of the season. A holiday cheese basket on display at Table of Content General Store in the Center.

Bounty of the season. A holiday cheese basket on display at Table of Content General Store in the Center.

There’s plenty of holiday bustle around the Island leading up to Christmas.

Retailers have stocked shelves with gifts to satisfy a wide variety of tastes. But if you’re planning Christmas dinner here, it better be at home or with friends or relatives, because no Island restaurants will be serving on the 25th. (more…)

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JO ANN KIRKLAND PHOTO |  Andrew Graffagnino fixes a boat at the Island Boatyard.

Andrew Graffagnino fixes a boat at the Island Boatyard.

They’re not all ready to embrace the possibility that the national economy is showing long-term signs of recovery, but most Shelter Island business owners are boasting about a remarkable summer season. (more…)

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From the supervisor

To the Editor:
A few clarifications for your readers of last week’s Reporter:

4-posters: Page 21 states that the town was able to increase the number of units deployed this year to 38 compared with last year’s 19 “ … through the help of funds from Mashomack Preserve and individual contributors.” (more…)

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AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO | Traffic rolling through Bridge Street last week.

Business is accelerating with the summer season for Bridge Street merchants. But a serious downside is cars and trucks speeding past with a human tragedy just waiting to happen, according to some of the business owners.

At a recent Town Board work session, Councilman Paul Shepherd said he had spoken to the merchants on Bridge Street concerned about traffic racing through at high speeds. Jack Kiffer, owner of the Dory, said he’s worried someone is going to get “clipped.” Mr. Kiffer’s seen more than a few near misses, with people having to step back quickly to the curb with cars, and especially trucks, barreling through.

“Coming down the hill, with a posted speed limit of 25, traffic’s doing 40, 45 [mph] at least sometimes,” Mr. Kiffer added.

Marie Eiffel, co-owner of Redding’s, said she’s noticed  cars going much too fast along Bridge Street. ”Trucks, too, but trucks are always going too fast,” Ms. Eiffel said.

“A lot of people are walking around now, and we have tables outside, so people bring their kids who are running around,” she added. “A lower speed limit is a good idea.”

Townsend Montant, manager of Shelter Island Wines & Spirits, said he’s noticed speeding cars, but didn’t consider that the main problem.

Mr. Montant said people are U-turning at will on Bridge Street causing traffic disruptions and a hazard. He suggested a sign against U-turns and better enforcement overall by the police department.

He also noted there was only one marked crosswalk and another should be established at the liquor store and Piccozzi’s gas station.

Bridge Street is Route 114, a state road, and so the town doesn’t have the jurisdiction to set speed limits. The same decision is in the state’s hands for putting in speed bumps, which has been suggested. But Supervisor Jim Dougherty has let the New York State Department of Transportation know there’s a serious safety issue. In a letter to Kevin Matthaei, a civil engineer with the regional DOT in Riverhead, Mr. Dougherty asked for a lower speed limit.

The board has suggested that the police department deploy its mobile speed marking sign to slow traffic. This will allow the department to also gather data that can then be given to the state requesting a lowering of the limit.