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Thank you
To the Editor:
Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the Shelter Island Fireworks and helped make this year’s show possible.

Without the support of donors, and the tireless efforts of the Suffolk County Police, Shelter Island Police, Shelter Island Fire Department, Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services, Shelter Island Highway Department, and all of our volunteers, the show could not go on.

We thank you!

While this year’s show was admittedly different from years past, we appreciate the support from everyone who understands that due to circumstances beyond our control and issues with anchorage, the barge location needed to be shifted farther from the Island than usual.

Thanks to the diligence of our bay constable we were able to quickly find a safe location to hold the show and did not have to cancel.

We hope everyone enjoyed the show regardless, and had a wonderful night on our beautiful Island.
Brett Surerus, Kelly Surerus, Nicholas Morehead, Catherine Brigham, Susie Dempsey
Shelter Island

To the Editor:
On the night of July 5, I was thrown off my boat near Shelter Island and spent two hours in the water before I was able to safely reach shore in Southold.

During this time, a massive search was undertaken by the Shelter Island and Southold police and fire departments involving dozens of officers and volunteers who got up in the middle of the night to look for me.

I would like to recognize and thank everyone for their efforts in searching for me. It was a terrifying experience and I cannot thank them enough for their rapid response and the courtesy they showed me and my family.

We are fortunate to have such dedicated first responders protecting our community and I am forever grateful to them.
Matthew Kapell