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Shelter Island Police Department blotter


Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

On Aug. 16, Samuel Lee Sicard, 22, of Woodbury, Minn. was arrested after his car struck a tree on Cobbetts Lane. He was charged with a first offense of driving with a blood alcohol level at or above .08 of 1%, a first offense of driving while intoxicated and moving from a lane unsafely. He was held overnight and taken to Justice Court for arraignment where he was released on $400 bail and directed to return to court at a later date.

On Aug. 19, Juan R. Olvera, 33, of East Hampton was arrested by Southampton Village police for traffic violations. He was turned over to Shelter Island police due to an outstanding bench warrant issued by Justice Court. SIPD escorted Olvera to Justice Court to answer the bench warrant.

On Aug. 14, Robert D. Farrand of Greenport was ticketed for failure to stop at a stop sign on Gardiners Bay Drive, 3rd-degree aggravated unlicensed operation and an uninspected motor vehicle.

John L. Kimmelmann of Wainscott received a summons on Aug. 14 for speed not reasonable and prudent on Ram Island Road.

On Aug. 15, James F. Fox of Middle Island was ticketed on West Neck Road for failure to safely pass a bicycle. Xiomara E. Fuentes of Greenport received a summons on that date for speeding 49 mph in a 35 mph zone on North Menantic Road and unlicensed operation.

Marie Evans of New York, N.Y. was ticketed on Aug. 16 on S. Ferry Rd. for using a mobile phone while driving.

David R. Silver of New York, N.Y. received a summons on Aug. 18 for speed not reasonable and prudent on North Ferry Road.

Benjamin R. Irving of New York, N.Y. was ticketed for no seat belt on Aug. 18 on North Ferry Road.

Dmitri Bronfman of New York, N.Y. was given a summons by a bay constable on Aug. 18 in West Neck Harbor for having no sound-producing device aboard his vessel.

Erich J. Stegich of New York, N.Y. was ticketed in West Neck Harbor on Aug. 18 for failure to carry a boat registration certificate.

Allison Bernstein of Greenwich, Conn. was given a summons on Aug. 18 off Shell Beach for failure to display numbers.

Candido Cruz Ramirez was ticketed on Aug. 17 by the South Ferry for fishing without a valid marine fishing registration.

On that date, Tarkan Bastiyali of New York, N.Y. was given a summons for having an unregistered motorboat in West Neck Harbor.

Stephanie J. Bucalo of Shelter Island received a summons on Aug. 14 for allowing numerous dogs to bark continuously for 30 minutes, violating the town noise code. She was also issued a summons on Aug. 17 for allowing numerous dogs to bark continuously for 20 minutes.

On Aug. 15, Brian Springer of Shelter Island was attempting to make a right turn in a parking lot, when his rear passenger tire made contact with the front driver’s side bumper of a parked car belonging to Judd L. Goldrich of Port Chester, N.Y. Damage exceeded $1,000.

On Aug. 18, a car driven by Brooke Taylor Lutsky of New York, N.Y. was in neutral on the North Ferry line when it rolled into a car driven by Tiana E. Alcivar of Brentwood. There were no injuries and damage appeared to be less than $1,000.

Other Reports
Police conducted distracted driving enforcement in the Center on Aug. 13, 14, 15 and 18. Distracted driving enforcement was conducted in the Heights on Aug. 16.

On Aug. 13, police responded to a complaint of a car riding up and down the road in Harbor View beeping its horn. The driver reported he was trying to find his family, who turned out to be staying at a different address than he was told. He was honking his horn in an effort to find them.

Police opened an investigation into possible drug activity on Aug. 14. A caller complained on Aug. 14 about an ongoing issue with a neighbor trespassing.

On Aug. 14, police were called to a West Neck business where a security employee reported a number of suspects had presented fake IDs. Upon arrival, police questioned suspects, who all admitted IDs were false. They were advised they were no longer welcome.

A Hay Beach caller asked police on Aug. 15 to investigate why his wife was not home more than two hours after she was expected to return from a hair appointment. The caller contacted police before they arrived to say that she had returned safely.

Police performed a well being check after a Cartwright caller said a person missed her hair appointment on Aug. 15 and did not answer her phone. Police were able to contact the person and notified the caller.

A Westmoreland caller reported a bicycle stolen from his lawn on Aug. 15.

On Aug. 16, bay constables impounded numerous kayaks, dinghies and paddleboards from town docks and beaches for not displaying town boat storage permits.

On Aug. 17, police checked on the well-being of an individual after his attorney said he had been unable to reach him. Police ascertained his well-being and relayed that information.

Police responded to a call for help on Aug. 18 in West Neck. An Apple watch had reported a fall but the caller said the watch was malfunctioning.

Police responded to a Hay Beach call on Aug. 19 reporting a strange whistling noise coming from the attic. Police checked and found the noise to be coming from the air conditioning air handler.

A complainant notified police Aug. 19 that a vessel was observed getting confused by a green navigational light mounted to a bulkhead at the entrance to the Silver Beach boat basin. The complainant feared the light could cause an accident. Police are trying to find the person responsible for the light.

On Aug. 19, a caller complained of a driver cutting into the Heights ferry line and getting into a verbal confrontation. When police responded, the subject agreed to go to the end of the ferry line.

Aided cases
Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services responded to nine calls for assistance. One patient was transported to Southampton Hospital; the others were taken to Eastern Long Island Hospital.

On Aug. 13, police and Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD) responded to a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm; no CO was detected. The resident was advised to change batteries in all sensors.

On Aug. 16, a CO alarm was activated at a pool house in Ram Island. SIFD checked and found no CO, determining it was a false alarm. It was likely triggered by a power outage in the area.

On Aug. 16, SIFD responded to a report in Silver Beach of a gas smell; it was found to be caused by low propane levels in the tank.

A smoke detector was activated in a Hay Beach residence on Aug. 16, after the owner reportedly put a new battery in. SIFD was on the scene; the owner was advised to have the alarm company check the detector.

Police and SIFD responded to a potential stove fire on Ram Island on Aug. 17 when a cutting board that was placed behind the stove had started to smolder. The homeowner was assisted by SIFD in extinguishing the fire.

SIFD responded to a report of a possible gas leak at a Silver Beach residence on Aug. 19 but were unable to locate any problem.

Traffic control officers
Fifty-two parking tickets were issued this week.