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Gerth: Town closing in on Med Center agreement

At Tuesday’s Town Board work session, it appeared there was another step forward taken to signing a lease agreement with Stony Brook University Hospital to operate the Medical Center.

There is still no definitive word on who will staff the new office, but Supervisor Gary Gerth said Stony Brook officials have looked at a new lease agreement and told him they are in general agreement with the wording and would be making only a few minor changes.

In other board action: It was agreed to restudy the proposed dog law, with an eye to changing penalties for those found guilty of multiple violations, to relax some of the stipulations in the original proposal.

Town Attorney Bob DeStefano Jr., in the wake of meeting with Police Chief Jim Read and Animal Control Officer Beau Payne, proposed a fee up to $90 for a second offense and a fine not to exceed $250 for a third or additional offenses. But Councilman Jim Colligan said he wants to discuss the law further, concentrating on ensuring the welfare of dogs, not punitive measures aimed at owners.

What concerns him, and other Town Board members is the possibility at some future time, a judge or police officer might want to make a name for himself or herself by being overly punitive.

The board will further discuss the measure and before taking a vote, will present a revision to residents at a public hearing.

Public Works Commissioner Brian Sherman spoke about plans his employees will complete in 2020 to provide access for those with limited mobility to be able to enter the American Legion Post.  An extended ramp would provide wheelchair accessibility through the building’s front door.

As for other work on the Justice Court Building, which is also not accessible to those with limited mobility, that project will likely be delayed until 2021, Mr. Sherman said.