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Shelter Island Police Department blotter

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

A caller told police on April 14 that an orange flashing light was coming from the back of a Heights property. An officer found a malfunctioning spotlight, removed the bulbs and notified the owner.

On the same day, an officer responded to a fire alarm at a residence on Ram Island and was told that the resident had been having technical difficulty with the alarm system. The Shelter Island Fire Department was notified.

A Hay Beach caller told police on April 14 that on the previous day a person had left a note at the front door, looking for work at the caller’s landscaping company. The caller was advised to contact the person and say she was not looking to hire. An officer spoke to the person and told him not to enter the caller’s property; he apologized and said he did not intend to alarm the caller.

On April 14, a Silver Beach caller reported that someone had walked along his property line, gone onto the deck and then left. An officer searched the area with negative results.

On April 14, police spoke several times to a family member from the city regarding his rights to a family home on Shelter Island.

There were three reports of utility wires down in West Neck, Shorewood and the Center on April 15, 16 and 17 respectively. Utility companies were notified.

A caller reported on April 16 that there was a possible violation of COVID-19 non-essential work guidelines at a Center residence. An officer spoke with the owner, who had workers clearing storm damage; they were wearing masks and keeping the required social distance. The owner was advised, however, that there were restrictions regarding planting and non-maintenance-related landscaping.

An officer responded to a residential alarm in Silver Beach on April 17; the caretaker had entered the wrong pass code.

On April 17, police advised a person not to return to a caller’s residence but to contact a lawyer regarding a civil issue.

An anonymous caller reported an open door at a Heights business on April 17. An officer searched the area and secured the door.

Police confirmed on April 18 that a caller’s license was still listed as suspended with the Department of Motor Vehicles, although the caller said his license had been cleared in Sag Harbor Justice Court.

The Police Department was advised on April 18 by Southold dispatch that a man had fallen overboard and had been rescued by a North Ferry crew. Police determined that the person had fallen off a small boat after hitting a wake on his way to Greenport when he was spotted by the North Ferry. He was in the water for four to five minutes and did not require medical care.

On April 19 a caller reported seeing a neighbor putting a doll’s head on an entrance gate leading into Longview. The caller wanted it removed because it was in poor taste and on public property. Attempts to contact the neighbor were unsuccessful.

Motorcycles were heard traveling at a high rate of speed on Nostrand Parkway on April 19; the area was searched with negative results. On April 20, a caller reported that a person had disposed of household garbage in a Shelter Island Town trash can. The person was contacted and issued a verbal warning.

A Silver Beach owner told police on April 20 that three people were trespassing on his dock. An officer interviewed them and they said they were unaware they were on private property and were just watching the sunset. The resident declined to press charges but wanted a verbal warning issued. They were so advised and left without incident.

In other reports, officers opened a vehicle with the keys locked inside; attended on-line training about law enforcement peer and legal support; assisted a resident in the home; and responded to a lost and found report.


A dog at large was reported in the Center on April 14, and was recognized by the officer and returned to its owner, who was advised about town regulations.

A caller reported two dogs running loose on a Center beach on April 15. Although they were gone when an officer arrived, the owner was subsequently contacted and told to keep the dogs leashed. The owner said the dogs had been in his control but he would avoid bringing them back to that location.

A dog lost and at large in Menantic on April 16 was picked up by an officer but had no tags or microchip. The owner contacted police and the dog was returned.

On the 18th, an injured woodchuck was reported on a Center roadway but was found dead when police arrived.