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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor

Notes on the pandemic

To the Editor:
It seems trying to find my new normal and trying to figure out my old normal is now totally impossible since everything is abnormal.

In my 84 years, I have never seen anything like this. I am writing this on Saturday afternoon, when I have just learned of the death of two beautiful people. I am beyond devastated.

Every morning after breakfast, Cinnamon and I do not start our day until we check in with the Reporter.

Today (April 4) was not a good day. But, we are so glad to be here and our town fathers and our volunteers are beyond wonderful. I am especially proud of our young families with small children. Every day while Cinnamon is chasing squirrels away from the bird feeders, I do the daily cryptoquote to jump start my brain.

One day this week, Pope Francis said: “Young people are just as attracted to the truth as they are confidence and expediency.”

I double checked this as I thought the last word should have been “experience.” But I’m not going question any pope. I pray and am praying hard for the young people and the residue this pandemic will leave them and our country and the world.

I thought having four kids in different stages of chicken pox at once was the end of the world. That was a long time ago. I certainly do not think this is the end of the world, but perhaps a wake-up call.

I’ve been though a lot of “stuff” in my life, and somehow, by the grace of God I am still here.

So, the Reporter changed the format of this publication and we can no longer comment immediately on any online article but a suggestion to write a letter. You know after reading every article, column, and lots of stuff, it was fun to comment immediately. I had intended to write something about a few articles and columns that had appeared in the past month, and actually had a list, but it will have to wait.

Georgiana Ketcham
Shelter Island


To the Editor:
A few Island residents with art and design skills recently got together to create a “ShelterIslandInPlace” T-shirt, with profits going to the Shelter Island Senior Center.

Shelter Island Wine and Spirits on Bridge Street was kind enough — and committed to this community’s well-being — to allow a volunteer to sell the shirts from a small table at the entrance. The response from customers and passersby was wild enthusiasm, and requests soon came from several still open businesses to stock the shirts.

Apparently, a store, which is closed, heard about this, and called the police to demand that a “non-essential business” (a woman standing on a street for two hours a day wearing a shirt) be closed down.

What a sad day when an Island institution such as this store is so small-minded as to try and quash creativity and dollars going to a beloved place that helps so many on this Island.

Fortunately, some of the shirts are still available at ShelterIslandInPlace.com.

And fortunately, the store does not represent Shelter Island’s optimism and spirit and beauty, the reason so many of us make this place our home.

Elaine Lafferty
Shelter Island

A verse, to not make it worse

To the Editor:
Are you feeling bitter? That’s no excuse for your litter.

Oh, come on now, give a hoot, don’t pollute.

Gloves and masks on the ground at the P.O.? Say it ain’t so.

And at the IGA, blue and white disorder. Someone take a photo and send it to the Reporter.

Please pick up your stuff.

Don’t leave it for others. Keep love in your heart, we are all sisters and brothers.

Jean H.Lawless
Shelter Island