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Shelter Island Historical Society seeks COVID stories

The Shelter Island Historical Society has expressed appreciation to those Islanders who have already submitted their accounts of life on the Island during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, and welcomes more responses.

Here are some of the topics you might share your experiences on:

• What surprised you while homeschooling your children?

• How was your business affected?

• Where are your family members and how often do you communicate with them?

• What is one thing you’ve learned to “do without?”

• How has your perspective on things changed?

• What are some positive things that have come out of social distancing?

 Contact the Archival Department at [email protected] to submit your stories.

When posting photos on Facebook or Instagram, please use the following hashtags: #shelterislandhistoricalsociety #capturingthecovid19crisis #shelteredonshelterisland #historyinthemaking #shelterislandarchives