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Trump caravan meets Biden supporters on Island

A Trump caravan made its way across Shelter Island yesterday, attracting supporters of the president and those for former Vice President Joseph Biden, the Democratic challenger.

The caravan started in the late morning in  Riverhead and toured the South Fork before heading to Shelter Island and going back to the North Fork.

Biden supporters were beating the drum for their candidate during a counter-demonstration on Route 114. (Credit: James Dawson)

There were supports on both sides on the Island, and from all reports it was a civil event, if marred here and there by obscene gestures and comments from some in the caravan.

And Ron Jernick, a Trump supporter, reported that he was on the receiving end of middle finger gestures from some Biden supporters.

Cindy Belt, who stood with others along Route 114 said she was there “with the intent of being a counter protest but specifically a non-confrontational one. We can disagree about politics, but still be friends and neighbors. First Amendment rights are important for everyone, no matter your point of view, but I feel they should be expressed in a non-antagonistic way.”