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Shelter Island Police Department blotter — Dec. 17-21

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Police issued a field appearance ticket to Anabelle Grace Landau, 19, of Port Washington on Dec. 18 for unlawful possession of marijuana. She was driving on North Cartwright Road when she was pulled over for a vehicle and traffic stop. Ms. Landau was instructed to appear in Shelter Island Justice Court at a later time.


Carly S. Hecht of Sands Point was driving on Burns Road on Dec. 18 when she was given a ticket for failure to keep right.

Police conducted traffic stops and distracted driving and DWI enforcement on Dec. 16 and Dec. 18 through 20 in the Center, West Neck and Menantic, resulting in 12 warnings.


Andreas C. Vatakis of Irvington was driving west on Gardiners Bay Drive on Dec. 16 when he was unable to negotiate a curve on the road due to snowy conditions. His vehicle slid off the roadway, taking down a stop sign and getting stuck in an embankment. Damage to the passenger-side exceeded $1,000. There were no injuries and the vehicle was towed.

Less than two hours later, Sarah H. Hand of Brooklyn was traveling south on West Neck Road when she lost control of the vehicle in the snow and slid off the roadway, hitting a Terry Drive street sign. Damage to the driver’s front and side was estimated at over $1,000. No injuries were reported.

On Dec. 18, Timothy M. Hogue of Shelter Island was driving north on North Ferry Road when a deer ran onto the roadway, hitting the front of his vehicle and causing over $1,000 in damages. According to the draft police report, there were no injuries.

Other reports

Based on an anonymous complaint, police opened a drug-related investigation on Dec. 15.

On that date, a caller reported being the recipient of harassment.

On the 16th, police notified the Highway Departments of the town, the Heights and Dering Harbor about hazardous roadways due to snow.

On the 17th and 18th, several reports were received of downed trees in the Center and the Heights — blocking roadways and leaning on wires. A sparking wire was reported in Silver Beach; PSEG was notified.

Icy road conditions in Dering Harbor were reported on the 18th and 19th; the Dering Harbor Highway Department was notified.

Police were told a kayak was adrift in Coecles Harbor on Dec. 17. A bay constable noticed it nearing Mashomack Preserve but weather conditions prevented its recovery.

A homeowner reported on the 17th that when she returned home, she found damage to her Center fence, caused by a vehicle that had left the scene.

An officer on patrol that day found a disabled vehicle at a Center intersection with the driver attempting to secure the lower bumper, which had come loose after running over a pile of snow. The officer assisted the driver in temporarily securing the bumper.

On the 17th, police heard from a caller who said that he might have information regarding a case in Riverhead. He was advised to contact that police department directly.

A caller reported that a vehicle parked outside her residence in the Heights had its parking lights on all night. An officer located the owners who said they forgot to turn off the lights.

In other reports during the week, officers checked on the well-being of one person, unlocked a vehicle with the keys inside, responded to a lost and found incident and performed court duty.


Two residential alarms were set off on Ram Island and in Westmoreland on Dec. 16. There was no sign of a forced entry in the window of a detached garage in one case; in the second, strong winds may have opened a kitchen door.

A burglary alarm was set off on the 16th in Silver Beach; a toddler had activated it by mistake.

On the 18th, police responded to a fourth alarm in Menantic, set off at a sliding glass door; no signs of any criminal activity were found.

Animal incidents

An injured raven was reported in West Neck. An animal control officer (ACO) captured the bird and transported it to a vet.

Five reports of injured deer were called in. One was stuck in a Center fence and had to be cut free. Two in the Center were being tracked by hunters when police arrived. Two in Menantic and Silver Beach had to be put down by police.

A caller told police about receiving a superficial dog bite in Long View. An ACO notified the dog’s owner about the 10-day quarantine period and the need to license the dog. The caller, who is the owner’s caregiver, said the dog was very friendly and the bite accidental.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported three cases to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Dec. 15 and 20. A fourth case refused medical attention.