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Town preps for federal coronavirus relief funds and assistance

The Shelter Island Town Board took a first step Friday toward obtaining funds from the federal Corona Virus Relief Program, moving quickly to set in motion its application.

It’s currently unknown what money might be available to the town for expenses incurred in conjunction with services it’s had to implement to deal with the pandemic. But it’s assumed that when the town learns specifics about what money it might receive, there would be a short period in which to apply. Rather than wait for more details, it’s authorized Supervisor Gerry Siller to apply for and accept any federal grants or assistance.

By taking the initial step Friday, the Town Board is removing red tape that could result in delays once specific information becomes available.

Fresh Pond

A public hearing has been set for 4:46 p.m. Friday, March 26, on a provision to authorize a study of water quality and potential mitigation strategies at Fresh Pond. This has long been a focus of concern for both neighbors around the pond and others who have valued it as a swimming site for generations.

Massachusetts-based Lombardo Associates has been chosen to complete the study at an estimated cost of $64,800. The town has received a $30,000 grant and the Fresh Pond Neighbors Association has pledged $15,000. Now the public can be heard in favor or opposition to taking the balance of the money from the Water Quality Improvement Projects budget that is generated through the Community Preservation Fund. That money comes from property purchasers who pay a 2% tax to generate funds for both land preservation and water quality projects.

The Town Board took another step to enable the Water Quality Improvements Advisory Board to accumulate funds for larger projects that may exceed its annual 20% allotment from the Community Preservation Fund (CPF), by allowing it to carry unspent or unallocated money over year to year.

Heights truck weight restrictions

A public hearing has been slated for 4:46 p.m. Friday, March 26, on a proposed local law to impose weight restrictions for trucks on three Heights roadways. One — New York Avenue — already has such limits. The other two — all of Serpentine Drive and the unpaved portion of Sunnyside Avenue — would be added if the law is enacted.

Heights Property Owners Corporation General Manager Stella Lagudis had requested the action. Not only were heavy vehicles causing damage to the roads, but in dry, hot weather, they were causing clouds of dust that were annoying to residents trying to enjoy outdoor activities.

Vehicles registered with a gross vehicle weight or gross combination weight rating of more than nine tons will be excluded from the those roads. The only exception would be for local pickups or deliveries.

Signage would be posted to ensure that overweight vehicles have the opportunity to divert to alternate routes.

 Fire District

The Board approved a resolution enabling Mr. Siller to execute an agreement with the Fire District to allow Town Engineer Joe Finora the authority to regulate construction and occupation of buildings and structures in line with the state Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and the Shelter Island Town Code.

The agreement allows Mr. Finora to perform work within town resources that are requested by Fire District commissioners.

The Fire District is to provide maps, forms, applications, rules and local regulations Mr. Finora will need to carry out such responsibilities. At the same time, the Fire District assumes liability and is to carry appropriate insurance to cover its liability from services the town engineer provides.

The Fire District is to reimburse the Town for any fees and expenses incurred in connection with the efforts undertaken by the engineer or any outside contractor the town retains in connection with the responsibilities.


The Town Board approved the following appointments:

• Marc Wein to continue as a member of the Waterways Management Advisory Council through Feb. 1, 2024.

• Brett Poleshuk to serve as part-time Code Enforcement Officer for the year 2021 as of  March 8 at the rate of $25 per hour for 10 hours per week.

• Taylor Rando as Traffic Control Officer for the year 2021 at the rate of $21 per hour, retroactive to Feb. 25; and Jared Hamilton and Robert Hitscherich as Traffic Control Officers for the year 2021 at the rate of $19 per hour, both effective retroactively to  Feb. 25.

• Stephen Lenox was reappointed to serve as a member of the Taylor’s Island Preservation and Management Committee for a term to expire Dec. 13, 2023.

• Amira Lisle was reappointed to serve as recreation/aide and recreation/FIT aide for the year 2021.