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Cross country Shelter Islanders battle rival Pierson

On Tuesday, the varsity boys cross country team kicked off their league portion of the schedule against the Pierson Whalers at Mashashimuet Park.

Although the park is a familiar place to the Islanders, the Whalers designed a new 2.87-mile course, which offers more viewpoints for spectators. Once the team got a quick preview of the course, it was time to get down to racing.

The spectators in attendance were treated to a tough race with multiple place exchanges throughout. Senior Ben Mac eventually took 1st place and led Pierson to a 30-26 victory after battling neck-and-neck with Jason Green from start to finish.

Although it was a tough loss for the Islanders, every athlete battled through and is ready to get back to work this week to prepare for the next race, as well as down the road for an eventual opportunity to compete against the Whalers at the divisional and county championships.

The results for the Islanders:

• Jason Green 15:25 (2)

• Tyler Gulluscio 16:45 (4)

• Theo Olinkiewicz 18:24 (7)

• Daniel Schultheis 18:42 (8)

• Nick Mamisashvili 18:45 (9)

• Jaxson Rylott 18:52

• Jalill Carter 19:52

• Hayden Rylott 22:20

• James Durran 23:23

• Brandon Velasquez 25:04