Pop-up businesses seek town approval: Town Board to continue discussions next week

Several businesses are looking to the Town Board for a go-ahead to operate on town-owned sites this summer.

With Sunset Beach closed last summer because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Islander had a food truck at Crescent Beach. If the state continues its reopening policies as COVID numbers drop, Islander owner Ashley Knight would like to return to the same site this summer.

She made the request a few weeks ago and was encouraged to consider Wades Beach or another part of Crescent Beach away from Sunset Beach for her food truck.

Ms. Knight returned to the Town Board Tuesday saying she has spoken to managers at Sunset Beach who told her they would have no objection to her using the site she had last summer.

Some Town Board members are to meet with the Sunset Beach managers this week. If they again express no objection to the food truck, it’s likely Ms. Knight can operate this year as she did last.

Matty Stromberg, owner of Venture Out, the paddle board rental company, has operated on the Island for 11 years with no complaints. Workers deliver boards to various sites around the Island, but they have only one plain white tent structure at Crescent Beach.

Bay Constable Peter Vielbig highly endorsed approval of the operation. Town Supervisor Gerry Siller told Mr. Stromberg he anticipates the board will approve the operation again this summer.

Jay Damuck has long operated Kayak Shelter Island and wants to do so again this summer. At issue for the Town Board are the two sites from which Mr. Damuck has stored kayaks and assisted customers.

Both Daniel Lord Road and Burns Road are not town-owned sites, but have been sites used before. The board wants to speak with Mr. Damuck about those sites to determine if they can continue to be used.

Police Chief Jim Read noted that past discussions about businesses operating on town-owned land have focused on limits of four or five. But that has been an informal approach to the issue.

It’s likely decisions will be forthcoming following next Tuesday’s Town Board work session.