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Shelter Island Justice Court, July 12

The following cases were adjudicated at Shelter Island Justice Court on July 12, 2021, as reported by the court. Judge Mary-Faith Westervelt was on the bench.

Except where indicated, the following defendants pleaded guilty to the charges as noted and were also assessed a $93 state surcharge.

Donald Gordon, of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., to no flotation device for a child under 12, fined $25.

James S. Pressler of Southold, to driving while intoxicated, covering possession of marijuana and traffic violations, fined $300 plus $260, with a 90-day license suspension.

Daniel Shemie of Shelter Island, to vehicle equipment violation, fined $25 plus $36.

Tamer Pepemehmetoglu of Greenport, to vehicle equipment violation, fined $25 plus $63.

Schuster Tanger of New York City, to vehicle equipment violation, fined $25 plus $63.

James S. Cummings of Riverhead, to no inspection certificate, fined $50 plus $93.

Charges against Glenn C. Specht of East Hampton were covered by a guilty plea in East Hampton.

A bench warrant was issued for Sarah G. Payne on charges of driving while ability impaired by drugs, possession of marijauna and moving violations.

Nineteen cases were adjourned to later dates in the court calendar, 10 at the request of defendants or their attorneys and nine at the request of the court.

At the request of two defendants in cases before Judge Stanley I. Birnbaum on July 12, cases were adjourned to later dates.