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Shelter Island Police Department blotter: Aug. 2—9

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Following an investigation, police arrested Debra A. Peduto, 61, of Staten Island at 8:30 p.m. on Aug. 4. Ms. Peduto was identified as the person stealing property from a local business; she was in possession of the property when she was arrested. Charged with petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property in the 5th degree, Ms. Peduto was processed at Police Headquarters and released on an appearance ticket for Shelter Island Justice Court at a later date.

Shortly before midnight on Aug. 6, Jessica C. Romm, 44, of New York City was driving on South Ferry Road, headed for the ferry. The ferry was not in but she ran into the ferry gate. Police investigated the accident and subsequently arrested Ms. Romm for operating a vehicle while using an electronic device and a first offense of driving while intoxicated. She was held overnight, arraigned in Shelter Island Justice Court and released on her own recognizance. She was directed to return to court at a later date.


Tara D. Millis of Dallas, Tex. was ticketed on New York Avenue for speeding on Aug. 4 — 43 mph in a 25-mph zone.

On the same day, Frank L. Taylor of Southampton was given a ticket on New York Avenue for speeding — 42 mph in the 25-mph zone.

On Aug. 5, two tickets were issued to Richard B. Lind of New York City for failure to stop at a stop sign on Ram Island Road and for driving an unregistered vehicle.

Liz A. Maica Gonzalez of Brooklyn received a summons on Aug. 5 for speeding on New York Avenue — 43 mph in the 25-mph zone.

Muniam K. Chaudhry of Jamaica was given two tickets for failure to stop at a stop sign on West Neck Road and for aggravated unlicensed operation in the 3rd degree.

On Aug. 3 through 8, police conducted 19 distracted driving, radar enforcement and traffic stops in the Center, Heights, Cartwright, Ram Island, Hay Beach and West Neck, resulting in 11 warnings and seven tickets.

Traffic control officers issued 22 parking tickets.


Christopher Angelo Colavito of New Rochelle told police on Aug. 2 that he had stopped at the stop sign at the intersection of Cobbets Lane and Ram Island Road and was turning left on Ram Island Road. He did not see Charles Jeffrey Bresnahan traveling south on Ram Island Road. He attempted to accelerate but was unable to avoid Mr. Bresnahan’s vehicle. Mr. Bresnahan said Mr. Colavito pulled out in front of him and while he tried to brake, he was unable to avoid colliding with the other vehicle. There was over $1,000 in damage to the front driver’s-side of Mr. Colavito’s vehicle and the front of Mr. Bresnahan’s.

Donna Kohn Snow told police on Aug. 3 she was driving north on North Cartwright Road when a deer ran out from the woods and hit the passenger door/quarter panel of her vehicle. There was minor damage to the vehicle; the deer ran off.

Other reports

On Aug. 3, an unknown man was reported walking on a West Neck property; two phone scams were called in by Ram Island and Center residents; and a sign was reported stolen in West Neck.

A caller told police on the 3rd that a man seemed to be asleep on the ground at the side of a Center roadway. An officer escorted him to a B&B.

On Aug. 4, a complainant said he had received two harassing voicemails. He did not wish to pursue charges but asked police to inform the suspect not to contact him.

Police responded to a domestic dispute on Ram Island on the 4th.

Officers noticed a group of young people in the bathroom area at Wades Beach on Aug. 5. Due to numerous reports of criminal mischief there, police talked to the group; no damage was noted.

Police received an email on Aug. 6 from a woman who reported an odor of sewage while swimming in Fresh Pond two days earlier. She said she had fallen ill following the swim. Suffolk County Health was informed as well as the Fresh Pond Neighbors Association and town engineer.

That day, an officer saw two young men operating an inflatable dinghy in West Neck Harbor without personal flotation devices (PFDs). They were escorted back to the parent boat and the youths’ mother was issued several warnings.

A bay constable stopped a boat in West Neck Harbor for having a child under 12 on board without a PFD. Also on the 6th, a caller reported a seaplane in or near the swim area at Crescent Beach. When the officer arrived, the seaplane was safely beached and the pilot denied operating in the swim area.

Several vehicles were reported parked partially on a Ram Island roadway. The officer contacted the manager of the Ram’s Head Inn who had the owners move the vehicles.

On Aug. 7, loud music in the Center was called in anonymously; the music was turned off without incident. Another anonymous caller reported a loud party in Harbor View. Police found the music playing in the backyard was reasonable, but the tenant turned it off.

Officers conducted Environmental Conservation Law checks at Reel Point on Aug. 7 and in Silver Beach on Aug. 8. There were no problems; 14 people were fishing.

On Aug. 7 a jet skier was stopped for operating at 20 mph inside West Neck Harbor. A warning was also issued for not having safety flag/flares.

An officer gave a motorboat operator off Crescent beach warnings for not displaying registration and for not having a PFD on board. Also on the 7th, the operator of a motorboat called for assistance on VHF 16 because an anchor line was caught in the inboard propeller. The responding officers found no rope in the propeller but an issue with the windlass.

Bay constables advised 12 owners of illegally anchored boats in Dering, Coecles and West Neck harbors to relocate to designated areas.

On Aug. 8 a North Ferry employee told police a vehicle had left the ferry without paying; the area was canvassed with negative results.

 There were 112 incidents this week; not all of them are mentioned in this report. Included were a well-being check; a lost and found incident; two vehicles unlocked with the keys inside; a jumpstarted vehicle; a false 911 call; residents assisted in their homes; and traffic controls.


A fire alarm in West Neck on Aug. 3 was due to a malfunction, and a smoke alarm in the Center on the 3rd was set off by shower steam, according to the Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD). A second smoke alarm in the Center on Aug. 6 was caused by a low battery in the detector. The SIFD also responded to a carbon monoxide alarm in the Center on Aug. 9, activated by a faulty sensor; a smoke alarm in Hay Beach was the result of technical difficulties.


An animal control officer (ACO) conducted patrols of Crescent and Wades beaches for dogs on and off leash on Aug. 5, 6, 8 and 9. Three warnings were issued.

A dog at large in the Center was returned to its owner. The ACO followed up on a welfare check of a Center dog and it was brought inside. A dog reported in distress in Menantic was found playing with kids around a pool.

An injured bird and a sick raccoon in the Center had not survived when the ACO arrived. Another injured bird in Hay Beach was transported to a vet. A goose hit by a vehicle in West Neck had to be put down. The ACO removed a bat in a Shorewood house and sent it to Suffolk County Health for testing.

Two injured rabbits in Menantic and Harbor View were taken to a vet, and an injured crow was transported to a wildlife rehabilitator.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported four people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Aug. 7 and 8; one to Southampton Hospital on Aug. 8. Two cases refused medical assistance and one did not require transport.