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Shelter Island Police Department blotter: Jan. 19, 2022

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Lucina E. Aurichio of Greenport was driving on New York Avenue on Jan. 10 when she was stopped by police and ticketed for speeding — 43 miles per hour in a 25-mph zone.

On Jan. 12, Ana J. Rodriguez-Parmigiani of Amityville was also ticketed for speeding on New York Avenue — 43 mph in the 25-mph zone.

Nabil B. Bahi of East Hampton was driving on North Ferry Road on Jan. 14 when he was given a summons for an unregistered trailer.

On Jan. 15, Matthew R. Coleman of East Hampton received a summons on West Neck Road for driving with inadequate or no brake lights.

Police conducted 11 distracted driving and traffic stops in West Neck, the Center and Menantic from Jan. 11 through 15, resulting in four warnings and four tickets.


On Jan. 12, Laura A. Marcello of Shelter Island told police that while turning around in Hubbard’s Auto Repair parking lot, she had backed into a parked vehicle owned by Ronald S. Jernick of Shelter Island. She said the tailgate of her vehicle was down and she didn’t see the parked car. Mr. Jernick said he did not notice the damage until he returned to his residence. Damage to the driver’s-side front of Mr. Jernick’s vehicle and the driver’s side rear of the pickup truck exceeded $1,000, according to the draft report.

Other reports

On Jan. 10, police investigated why several packages addressed to the caller were found on another person’s porch in the Center.

Also on the 10th, a mother and daughter walked into police headquarters to report the daughter had been receiving unwanted messages. An officer contacted the person who said he understood and agreed not to contact the woman.

Police received a request to be present during a civil transaction on Jan. 11 in the Center. A caller reported an attempted scam on social media on that date.

Officers and the Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD) confirmed an audible fire alarm in Westmoreland on Jan. 12. No problems were observed and the alarm company did not have contact information for a caretaker. The caretaker was subsequently identified and shut off the alarm.

A caller told police on Jan. 12 that a parked vehicle in the Heights was creating a hazard. An officer found the truck with its hazard lights on, partially blocking the North Ferry line. The vehicle was moved to a safe location and the driver given a verbal warning by police.

Police responded to a report of a burst outdoor shower pipe in Longview on Jan. 12. An officer entered the residence through an unlocked bilco door and shut off the water source.

On Jan. 14, a Montclair caller reported hearing a loud noise coming from the side of a residence. An officer located the source — an exhaust vent for the furnace. The doors and windows were secure and there were no signs of any criminal activity.

On the 14th, a caller told police about hearing gunshots on her webcam on Jan. 11. She was advised to contact police immediately if she sees or hears gunshots in the future.

Also on the 14th, an officer helped a Cartwright resident gain entry into her residence. Police were notified of a vehicle being driven erratically in the Center; the area was canvassed with negative results.

A stop sign in the Center was downed due to high winds on Jan. 15. Also on that date, a Ram Island caretaker reported smelling noxious exhaust throughout the residence. The SIFD responded and said the incident may have been caused by a problem with the oil burner. The heating company was called to inspect the oil burner and the owner was notified.

With reference to a prior incident, a Hay Beach caller reported a broken light on the back of the home on Jan 15. An officer responded to a non-violent domestic dispute on Ram Island on that date.

An officer documented an incident with a tenant at a Dering Harbor residence on Jan. 16 and responded to a disturbance with the renter again on Jan. 17. A person with vehicle problems asked for assistance at police headquarters and was escorted to a nearby auto repair.

On Jan. 16, a Dering Harbor caller reported his vehicle was missing but he was unsure of its last location. A caretaker contacted police before an investigation took place and said the vehicle was located in the caller’s garage.

Also on the 16th, police opened a confidential drug investigation.

A residential alarm was set off accidentally in Menantic on Jan. 17.

Weather conditions and high tides on Jan. 17 caused downed trees in Hay Beach and flooding on Ram Island, Bridge Street and West Neck between Hilo and Terry drives.

A caller told police that following an inquiry about renting a cottage in the Center, an unknown man began moving personal items into the residence without the caller’s permission. The area was canvassed for the vehicle involved with negative results.

In other incidents, police performed court duty; attended training in Southold; submitted administrative reports to New York State; unlocked a vehicle with the keys inside; provided lift assists for three residents in their homes; conducted traffic controls in the Heights; and checked on the well-being of a resident.


Two sick raccoons were reported in a Ram Island basement. The animal control officer (ACO) found one was dead and the other ran out of the basement. The caller was advised to secure the basement to keep the raccoons out.

A sick raccoon at Reel Point was captured by the ACO and taken to the vet for euthanasia.

A caller said a dog was outside barking for several hours in the Center; an officer heard the dog bark a few times and advised the owner to put the dog inside for the night. Two dogs at large were found in Tarkettle; an ACO identified the owner by microchip and reunited them.

A Shorewood caller reported that a dog had attacked a deer and injured it. The area was canvassed and neither the dog nor the deer was located.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported two people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Jan. 13 and 14 and one to Southampton Hospital on Jan. 13. A fourth person was self-driven to ELIH.