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Shelter Island Quick Quiz with Catherine Brigham

We’ve got five quick questions to ask our neighbors Around the Island.

This week, we posed our quiz to Catherine Brigham, art teacher at Shelter Island School and president of the nonprofit Shelter Island Fireworks organization. The fireworks this summer will be held on Saturday, July 8, with a Fireworks Eve event the night before at SALT.

1. Favorite breakfast sandwich, from what Island location?

BEC: Bacon, egg and cheese from the Pharmacy — over easy. They are the gold standard. I can’t think of any other sandwich that has been consistently great for 20 years. Best served with a Hampton’s Dairy iced tea.

2. Wades or Crescent beach, and why?

Crescent Beach. It’s the best swimming and if you park with the trunk facing the water, you can unload your gear over the rail and set up in record time.

3. Best place on the Island to view a sunset?

Anywhere you can sit in a beach chair with an unobstructed view.

4. Favorite Island event: Fireworks, 10K, 5K, craft fair, Chicken BBQ?

Fireworks! I’m partial. There’s something uniquely Shelter Island about the community coming together to preserve the tradition. It’s a lot of hard work, but when the first one goes off it’s all worth it.

5. Favorite place to take a walk on the Island?

Mashomack green trail — I like that you get the forest, meadow, dune and wetland. In under 5 miles you feel like you are on four different trails.