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Quick Quiz: Asking Around the Island with Roz Dimon

We’ve got five quick questions to ask our neighbors around the Island.

This week, we posed our quiz to Island artist Roz Dimon.

New opportunities to see her art are coming up: One of her interactive DIMONscapes (like the one in the Shelter Island Historical Society) called “PSALM 19” will be opening in New York City in May as part of “GENESIS,” a curated international exhibition by the Jewish Art Salon.

“I’m also working on a new series about old geezers in Florida, my SENIOR CITIZENS REBELLION Information Paintings,” Roz tells us — you can follow their progress on Instagram @rozolution.

1. Favorite breakfast sandwich, from what Island location?

Everything bagel with lox & cream cheese from The Eccentric Bagel.

2. Wades or Crescent beach, and why?

Wades. Very close by, more local oriented, quiet and beautiful. Great place to walk our glam queen Yorkie “Buda” in winter months.

3. Best place on the Island to view a sunset?

South Ferry.

4. Favorite Island event: ARTSI Open Studios Tour, Fireworks, 10K, 5K, craft fair, Chicken BBQ?

ARTSI! Wonderful way to see art, learn about art, and buy art — from artists who live and work here. More at www.ARTSI.info

5. Favorite place to take a walk on the Island?

Wades Beach