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Fair winds, cotton ball clouds, blue-sky afternoon for Menantic Yacht Club

The Menantic Yacht Club (MYC) held six races Sunday afternoon with 25 sailors participating in steady 7-to-8-knot winds blowing from the east-northeast for an exciting afternoon in West Neck Harbor.

Just before the first race, the fleet was greeted by Scout, a 1930 mahogany-trimmed, 73-foot commuter yacht gliding through the Harbor without a trace of wake — a fine example of old-school piloting among the faint sounds of “Hotel California” bouncing between the anchored boats along Shell Beach.

Charlie Modica Jr. won the day by navigating a clockwise wind shift from center line to windward scoring four bullets. Charlie’s dad and uncle agreed following the race, “Charlie Jr. is really quick … yeah.” It was great to see Peter Beardsley return with a solid 2nd-place finish followed by Derek Webster in 3rd. PJ Patin was a close 4th with one bullet in the 4th race, tied with Paul Zinger who, through no fault of his own, had some difficulty in the 4th race.

Alicia Rojas, with a 6th-place finish on the day, offered a few pointers to Will Lehr as they were finishing the last race, recommending that next time he not give her an inch on the previous rounding. Not to worry, Will, politeness still counts for something. John Modica (7th) beat out brother Charlie (12th) even after detailed strategy discussions between races. Rachel Beardsley had a 4th and a 5th place finish in two races, finishing in 8th place for the day. Good job, Rachel — everyone knows all the Viper hoopla is just a warm-up for the real racing at MYC.

Doug Rose and Joan Butler each had solid finishes at 9th and 10th places respectively. Looking forward to next season, this was Doug’s last race of the year — everyone appreciates his trip from Virginia each week, with daughter Elsie on chase boat. Let’s hope Doug’s brother, Brandon, decides to give MYC a try next season. Denise Fenchel was back after a short holiday in North Carolina, finishing 13th for the day. Denise is having a terrific season; maybe her unique sail graphic provides inspiration.

Tom McMahon had a great day, placing better than his wife Linda Gibbs in two races. Way to go, Tom. Don’t worry, though, Linda recovered with a 5th place and two 7th place finishes after briefly misplacing her hat, and finished 11th overall. Kate Duff, George Zinger and Ellen Leonforte, clustered in mid-fleet, all sailed well. Ellen’s boat was outfitted with a 12-inch feather wind directional on top of her mast. In between races, Will asked George what happens to the protesting party when the protest fails. “Nothing” was George’s answer. If ever in doubt about a rule, ask George. Welcome back, Bill Martens, after a short hiatus.

Many thanks to Jonathan Brush for once again lending his boat for Race Committee. Charles Huschle returned to the fleet after a 40-year sabbatical. Hope to see you again, Charles. Jodi Sisley took advantage of the committee boat’s favored position and finished the 4th race with an 11th place. Well done, Jodi. Brett Mintz and Ed Kiaer, coming from a no-wind Etchells race the day before, both had a good day. Brett is breaking in a “new” Sunfish that had been outfitted with not just a cunningham but an outhaul to boot.

Many thanks to Dave Daly and Betty Bishop on mark boat, especially for suggesting to a group of pleasure-boaters swimming within the race course to kindly relocate or the Club would declare their float as the weather mark. As always, many thanks to Betsy Colby, Amy Cococcia and Marian Thomsen on Race Committee, not to mention Marian’s deviled eggs for a snack. Thanks also to chase boat volunteers Ben Gonzalez, Melanie Coronetz, Susie Massie and Elsie Rose using Matt Fox’s boat. Job well done, all.

As a reminder, trophies awarded last year should be brought to Colbys’ for the award banquet next Sunday, as well as your favorite side dishes and desserts. Also, we need a good turnout Saturday morning at 9 a.m. for the MYC annual meeting being held at Tom and Linda’s house at 26 East Brander. Voting for officers and other important MYC business will be discussed.

We are a very congenial club, open to all, with no dues, no fees and no clubhouse. The sailing is great, the camaraderie is superb, and we just have tremendous fun. All sailors, novice to expert, are welcome. Just show up in West Neck Harbor at 2 p.m. on any Sunday through Labor Day, check in with the Race Committee, giving them your full name and sail number, and be sure to bring your life jacket. Non-sailors are also welcome to assist with the Race Committee boat and the chase boats. You can get more information about the MYC at the MYC website: MenanticYC.com, MYC Facebook page: Menantic Yacht Club, or from Bob Harris at [email protected]. Steve and Melissa Shepstone have a fleet of loaner boats available on a first to reserve basis. Contact Ellen Leonforte at 914-450-1450 or at [email protected] to reserve your boat.

See you on the water.

Results:                     Pts.     Place

Charlie Modica Jr.          8        1

Peter Beardsley            25       2

Derek Webster             30         3

PJ Patin                  39         4

Paul Zinger               39          5

Alicia Rojas              49          6

John Modica               53           7

Rachel Beardsley           54          8

Doug Rose                  55          9

Joan Butler                57          10

Linda Gibbs                71           11

Charlie Modica Sr.         75          12

Denise Fenchell            92            13

Kate Duff                  92            14

George Zinger              94            15

Ellen Leonforte            98            16

John Colby                  9       17

Bill Martens               101     18

Charles Huschle          107    19

Ed Kiaer                   109    20

Jonathan Brush           109    21

Will Lehr                  112    22

Tom McMahon             116    23

Jodi Sisley                124    24

Brett Mintz               143      25