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Jason Green breaks 5K record

Predictions of foul weather may have kept some participants away, but for the 192 who finished Saturday’s 24th annual Shelter Island 5K, it was a red letter day.

Shelter Island brothers Jason and Joshua Green placed first and second overall with Jason breaking the course record that had been held by Islander Kal Lewis at 15.40. Jason, 20, came in 15:25.04 with Joshua, 23, coming in right behind him at a time of 15:43.8.

In third place was Benjamin Segal, 54, of New York City with a time of 19:41.4.

The first woman to finish the race was Gwynne Doherty, 16, of Pleasantville, N.Y., who was celebrating her birthday weekend by participating. Her time was 24.12.84.

The second female across the finish line was also the first female Islander, Sarah Fairbairn, 58, with a time of 24:40.51.

In third place among the females was Ana Fernandez, 43, from Southampton who finished the race with a time of 2:03.2.

As for the weather, Dr. Frank Adipietro, the voice of the annual race, correctly predicted the rain would hold off  and it did until almost the end. The predicted winds didn’t arrive until much later in the day.

Race Director Mary Ellen Adipietro, who has been at the helm of the organizing committee for all 24 years, had appropriately arranged for tents to protect the crowd prior to the race and for the post race celebration.

A full story on the race will appear in Thursday’s Reporter.