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What is that? Nov. 18, 2023

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Last week Pat Hanson was all over the ID for our mystery photo (see below), emailing us: “The water treatment plant in the parking lot near the Shelter Island Heights Beach Club.”

(Credit: Ambrose Clancy)

Stella Lagudis, general manager of the Heights Property Owners Corporation, confirmed that Pat was on the money, telling the Reporter, that, “Yes, that is the sliding door to the wastewater treatment plant.”

The corporation has been supplying public water and sewer services to buildings in the Heights since 1880, serving 175 homes and 20 commercial connections. HPOC has licensed operators to maintain the systems for water and wastewater.

Also contacting us with the correct identification this week was John Evans, who nailed it by writing that it is “the Heights wastewater treatment plant.”

Art Barnett and Roger McKeon were close enough for honorable mention, writing that it was a door on the Heights Beach Club.