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05/25/18 4:30pm


In 1921, a crowd of bathers at what is now the Shelter Island Heights Beach Club witnessed the arrival by canoe of Miss Dorothy Stokes of Greenport.

Said to be a former Queen of the Yale Ball, she paddled across, tied her canoe up to the floating raft and “cavorted gaily, revealing her legs, sans stockings in a bathing suit slit up the sides.” (more…)

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08/18/15 2:00pm
AMBROSE CLANCY A resident weighs in on the continuing controversy surrounding Fresh Pond.

AMBROSE CLANCY A resident weighed in this week  on the continuing controversy surrounding Fresh Pond.

To be clear
To the Editor:
The quality of our drinking water is one of the highest concerns for Shelter Islanders. In response to several letters that appeared in the Shelter Island Reporter last week, I should clarify a few points. While Islanders don’t actually drink pond water, Fresh Pond is part of the same aquifer that we do get our drinking water from.

As our Town Engineer John Cronin states: “…the town could ultimately decide that the aquifer (and Fresh Pond is actually an opening into the aquifer) is part of town infrastructure as it supplies drinking water …” (more…)