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Bingo, bingo! Rare double win at The Chequit

Lady Luck struck twice at the table of Roz Dimon and James Dawson Wednesday night, as they both came up winners in a round of The Chequit’s weekly Bingo Night.

The couple collected $400 in prize money for the round, where they each had a winning card. The first winner to get the letter/number combination to reach Bingo collects a cash prize, with second and third runners-up invited to choose from an eclectic collection of merchandise.

“Special thanks to Teddy the Bingo captain at the Chequit Tavern,” said Mr. Dawson.

Teddy Dempsey calls out the Bingo numbers at the Wednesday gatherings,which have quickly become a popular pastime where Islanders enjoy the game in the company of neighbors during the quiet winter months, accompanied by The Tavern’s casual menu and drinks.