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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor: Jan. 11, 2024

Person of the Year

To the Editor:

Your editorial of Jan. 4 was spot on in describing how our Island community functions best with the contributions and dedication of its volunteers.

I’ve had some very thoughtful and generous neighbors set an example for me to follow. There are too many people to name in this letter, but I keep coming back to one person in particular who left a meaningful impression on me — Frank Klenawicus.

If on any occasion you needed a hand or advice, Frank would give you his all … without hesitation. 

A giant of a man who I will never forget. In an official capacity, he was elected to head up Public Works and the Highway Department. I recall him running his personal backhoe to complete Town projects! He was definitely a mentor I owe.

To Julie Lane: I apologize for some pretty boring WMAC meetings that you patiently sat through. But to your credit, you paid attention and reported extremely well on Shelter Island’s waterways issues. Thank you for such great coverage and aiding in my award selection (“John Needham is the Reporter’s Person of the Year,” Jan. 4).

To the Shelter Island Reporter, I was, to use an expression from my youth … “blown away” by your selecting me for such an honor and recognition. I really appreciate it!

JOHN NEEDHAM, Shelter Island

Thank you, Shelter Island

To the Editor:

The family of Marshall H. Numark thank everyone in our hour of need.

Especially the Shelter Island Police Department and the Shelter Island EMS, who have always been there for us over the years. We are grateful to the American Legion, the Shelter Island Funeral home, the Shelter Island Florist, all our friends from the Library, Senior Center, and Hospice care.

Your support is greatly appreciated.


Fair treatment

To the Editor:

We are writing to express our astonishment and consternation upon reading that Oscar Sanchez Mendoza has been arrested by Shelter Island police on charges of burglary and grand larceny, and that proceeds exceeding $20,000 were allegedly taken by him from an Island residence “Two arrests top the blotter,” Jan. 4).

We hired Mr. Sanchez Mendoza as a caretaker and contractor for our house about three years ago at the urging of a neighbor who has employed him for the past decade.

Like our neighbor, we have found him to be a man of upstanding character and unimpeachable integrity.

He’s had plenty of opportunities to steal our possessions but has never done so. We have recommended him to friends who were seeking a good contractor, and we will continue to do so.

Here’s hoping he receives fair treatment in our criminal justice system.