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Training with Trent: Back on track

Question from Dawn: Hey, Trent this past holiday I really fell off track and definitely overate, how can I get back into it?

Answer: Oh, the holiday feast fallout. Time to bounce back like a sugar-fueled locomotive. Here are some tips to get you back on track.

1. Start with a stretch. Limber up your body and let the holidays know that they’re officially over.

2. Hydrate like a camel at an oasis. Guzzle water like you’re in a hydration marathon. It’s the ultimate detox.

3. Veggie Extravaganza. Paint your plate with veggies. The more colors, the merrier.

4. Small green meals. Don’t skip meals, just make them green. Kale, smoothies, broccoli bowls. You get the idea.

5. Exercise encore. Ease back into workouts. Think of it as a dance, not a sprint. Literally dance if you can.

6. Buddy up for accountability. Share your comeback plan with a friend. It’s more fun when someone’s cheering you on.

7. Realistic goals rule. Set goals that won’t make you sprint for the leftover gingerbread. Small victories count.

8. Forgive and forget the fruitcake. Don’t dwell on that extra piece of pie. Forgive yourself. Learn and move on. Your healthy journey will survive a festive detour.

There you have it. A speedy guide to reclaiming your post-holiday groove. Go forth, embrace the veggies and dance like no one’s watching. (Or like everyone’s watching. Your call.)

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