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Hiking in the Mashomack moonlight: Preserve open for first full moon of spring

There are few times as welcome as the opening days of spring, when the scents and sounds around us subtly shift to signal the re-awakening of life around the Island.

On Saturday, March 23, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., the Mashomack Preserve will host the First Full Moon of Spring Hike.

Visitors are welcome to join the tour, heading out for a 1.5-mile hike along the Preserve’s Red Trail, taking in forest, marsh and freshwater kettle views.

All are welcome. Advanced registration is required. Email: [email protected] to register.

All the trails in Mashomack are currently open seven days a week from dawn to dusk. Visitors may be familiar with the tradition of welcoming bluebirds to the preserve.

A dedicated team of Mashomack bluebird volunteers have cleaned out the meadow’s nestboxes and birds are beginning to scope out the prime locations.

Long known as the heralds of spring, bluebirds are a welcome sight.

Bring a pair of binoculars and head out to the Yellow Trail the next time you’re at the preserve to catch a glimpse of the happy nesting pairs.