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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor: July 5, 2024


I am writing this letter to my family, friends and neighbors. As we all are enjoying the traditional Fourth of July weekend, I would like to also remind you of a special Shelter Island Community event: Fireworks Day! 

This year it is on Saturday, July 13. Fireworks is an event that brings generations of family and friends together.

The excitement of small children as they are awed by the sparkle of the fireworks is a priceless moment that gives years of joyful memories. I want to thank the Shelter Island Fireworks Committee for all their efforts in this wonderful tradition.

I would like to encourage everyone to support the 2024 Shelter Island Fireworks by making a donation. To donate go to ShelterIslandFireworks.com and click “Donate,” or you can mail a check to Shelter Island Fireworks, Inc. PO Box 452, Shelter Island, NY 11964.

I will look forward to seeing everyone at the fireworks.

SHARON GIBBS, Shelter Island


To the Editor:

Regarding tracking the proposed three-year requirement for the installation of advanced septic systems upon the transfer of real property, I have a modest proposal.

One fairly easy method I think would be to check in with the Building Department first. When a title company consults the Building Department about whether there are any violations on a property to be sold, the Building Department conducts an inspection.

Therefore, the Building Department is given first notice of a possible and pending transfer. Subsequently, when a deed is recorded, a copy is forwarded by the County to the Assessors’ office. Whenever that occurs — no matter the date of the deed — it will trigger the three-year deadline. A simple ticker file app that attorneys use can ensure subsequent compliance.

Regarding public input at Town Board work sessions on proposed legislation that is featured on a particular agenda, I have another modest proposal. Perhaps the Town can do as the Federal (in the Federal Register) the State (in the State Register) and New York City (The City Record) governments do with respect to regulations — publish the proposal being considered for comment — either on the Town website or in the Reporter.

Once notice is published, interested parties may submit written comments within a certain published time period (usually 60 days). All comments can be posted.

This way, the Town Board and the public are made privy to input from the community. Accordingly, work sessions need not take three hours, and while the local law or Code change is being reviewed and discussed, the Board will have the benefit of the public comments before the official public hearing.

Best and efficient use of everyone’s time I would think. Just a suggestion from someone who abhors long meetings. In this regard, the Town Board has my sympathies.

CATHY KENNY, Shelter Island