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Improved emergency response at beach: Police, Highway and EMT make it happen

A change aimed at improving emergency responses at Crescent Beach developed by Shelter Island Police and Highway Department staff will improve timing, Police Chief Jim Read has informed the Town Board.

Chief Read is the emergency management coordinator for the Town.

New signs on the sidewalk entrances to each of seven sections of the beach designate the area where a response is needed. “This system provides crucial location information during emergency situations, allowing dispatchers to quickly identify the nearest access point when receiving 911 calls,” Chief Read said in his notice to the Town Board.

He noted the effectiveness of the system was demonstrated over the past weekend when it enabled rapid dispatching to an emergency involving a victim of a fall at the beach.

“The clear communication enabled by these numbered access points directly contributed to improving our response time and ensuring timely assistance for the victim,” the chief said.

He credited Highway Superintendent Ken Lewis Jr. and Sgt. Anthony Rando with demonstrating the leadership and effort in implementing the new initiative. “Their dedication to enhancing public safety at Crescent Beach is greatly appreciated.”

Sgt. Rando, in turn, credited EMT volunteer Ollie Campbell, who proposed the idea for the numbered staircases that he said have “greatly improved our emergency services.” Sgt. Rando noted that working with Mr. Lewis, something he called “always a pleasure,” resulted in “prompt action in getting the signs posted.”