10/23/19 12:00pm


It took three years of lobbying for Shelter Island School Athletic Director Todd Gulluscio. But persistence paid off this year as Mr. Gulluscio gained state approval for a pilot program that will allow districts with 499 or fewer 9th through 12th grade students to play two sports.

The aim is to expand the ability of small school districts to continue to offer multiple sports programs. (more…)

10/22/19 4:30pm

And they’re off! All for a good cause at Saturday’s Shelter Island 5K race.

Shelter Island High School cross country athletes took the top three spots for the men running Saturday’s 5K. Kal Lewis, 17, posted a 15:40.43 time to break the tape for the second consecutive year.

He was followed by Tyler Gulluscio, 16, who ran the course in 17:46.59 and Domingo Gil, 18, who posted a time of 18:15.2. (more…)

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10/22/19 10:00am

Courtesy Image

When Shelter Island volleyball teams play, two things can be counted on — they will play all out, and the other coach will make a comment on what nice kids they are and/or how much they hustle. Both were true for the Greenport/Southold matches on Oct. 17 and also at the Pierson tournament on Oct. 19. (more…)

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10/21/19 10:00am

Coach Cindy Belt

When the junior varsity team returned from their match at Wyandanch on Sept. 13, Coach Laura Mayo was not happy. Wyandanch only has a JV squad, has good servers and their athletes move well to play a ball. However, nine times out of 10, the ball comes directly back to the other team. This one-and-over style of play is more reminiscent of a junior high team, but it is undeniably off-putting to a team which is in tune with the pass, set, hit tempo of a more advanced style of play. To lose to a team that plays “picnic” volleyball is frustrating. With the rematch on Oct. 11, she had a different strategy, and Shelter Island came away with the win. (more…)

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10/19/19 3:00pm

From the start, Shelter Islander Kal Lewis (number 344 at right) was determined to beat his winning time from last year and he did so, coming in first again this year.

Under sunny skies with perfect conditions for runners, three young men from Shelter Island’s Cross Country Team were the first to cross the finish line at today’s 5k Run/Walk to raise awareness of breast cancer and women’s cancers. (more…)