02/23/19 11:00am


It’s been decades since a fisherman told me about seeing a ship east of Montauk similar to those he had seen searching for oil in the Gulf of Mexico when he was a shrimper there. I telephoned oil company after company and each gave a firm denial about having any interest in looking for petroleum off Long Island. (more…)

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02/22/19 4:30pm


In 1974, Forrest Compton, a 50-year-old LA-based actor, had just been hired to play Mike Karr, the principal character on the long running soap opera, “The Edge of Night.”

Slated to appear in two episodes a week for the next 13 weeks, he needed an apartment in New York City near the studio, so when he heard about a one-bedroom on East 72nd he went to see Al, the super. (more…)

02/22/19 2:00pm

The cast on stage in the school auditorium

Shelter Island School’s 4th and 5th graders hit the stage to present “Freeze Frame” on Wednesday, February 13. Performers spun their way into positions depicting favorite wintertime activities. “Our hosts keep things moving as the celebrity panelists try to guess the action being shown on stage,” said music teacher Deanna Locascio. 


02/22/19 12:00pm

Piano-clarinet duo Tanaka and Shtrykov played at the Presbyterian Church on Sunday, February 17.

One of the advantages of attending and enjoying musical events over many years is that the listener hears works from an ever-expanding catalogue of composers.