What is that?

If you know, let us know. Send your responses to [email protected] or phone (631) 749-1000, extension 354.

No one could ID last week’s photo (see below), but Robert Ezzard hazarded a guess that it was just “a flag with another flag under it.” Alex Ferrone, on our Facebook page, said it was “an American flag that seriously needs to be replaced.” A.J. Hunkele, also on Facebook, said it is “a torn flag at a yacht club, that doesn’t seem to care much about their pennant, either,” and Pam Young declared that it is “a disrespected flag.”

But Capt. Don Young of North Ferry knew the answer to our question. He called us to say that North Ferry flies a blue flag under Old Glory when a crew member has a boy and a pink flag when the child is a girl.

Employee Mike Mundy and his wife, Shelby, have a brand new son, named Maverick Leo Mundy.

Welcome, Maverick, and congratulations to all the Mundys.