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Second graders learn a delicious art at Shelter Island Slice

Shelter Island School 2nd graders might have a future in pizza making thanks to Shelter Island Slice owner Frankie Venesina. Mr. Venesina taught the budding chefs the art of making a fine pie during a field trip last week.

The class, along with teacher Elizabeth Eklund and Board of Education Clerk Jacki Dunning, spent time in the restaurant’s North Ferry kitchen on June 6 with every student taking a turn.

With equal ingredients of compliments and patience, Mr. Venesina led the students through the process, inspiring them with the courage to learn and the ability to flip the dough as though they’d been doing it for years.

The event is one of several visits students are making to local businesses, Ms. Eklund said.

What’s lesson number one? Mr. Venesina asked his eager assistants.

No one was stumped. “Wash your hands,” they said in unison, pleasing the man who said he has been making pizza for more than 30 years.

The students learned to crimp the edges of their pies to keep sauce from leaking off the sides, and also not to dump puddles of sauce all over the crust, but put it in the middle and, using a spoon, move in ever increasing circles to spread it around on the crust.

Then it’s cheese to taste and a choice of toppings. In the oven, and then the delicious proof of the pizza, the eating.

Right before the big toss — Chefs Angela and Bella.