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Pie fight in school cafeteria: No humans were harmed during filming

I was asked if I minded having a pie thrown in my face. Sure, why not!

I was asked if I minded having a pie thrown in my face while dressed as a nun. Again, sure, why not! 

After all, when Peter Waldner is the director and John Kaasik is filming with him in the Shelter Island School cafeteria, what could go wrong? 

Filming in progress. John Kaasik shoots while Peter Waldner directs (speaking softly and carrying a big stick), as actors and crew watch, in Mr. Waldner’s latest movie starring Leah Friedman. (Credit Susan Cincotta)

Add to the mix Shelter Island’s famous nonagenarian film star, Leah Friedman, and we are Cannes-on-the-Rock.

If you missed Peter and Leah’s first film, “Frieda Takes the Cake,” you won’t want to miss the sequel with Shelter Island actors ages 8 to 92.

Giving as good as she gets, as Leah Friedman seems to approve. (Credit Susan Cincotta)

Peter has created a bakery that you won’t easily forget.

Watch your local listings. The title of the film is still under wraps. But it’s sure to be a blockbuster.

More stills from the film shoot by Susan Cincotta.

All in a day’s work for John Kaasik.