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Esther Hunt celebrates her 101st birthday

Senior Citizen Services and Camp Quinipet staff teamed up to host their annual luncheon party at the Camp Quinipet Dining Hall. This gathering included celebrating Esther Hunt’s 101st birthday.

Shelter Islanders, circling five large round tables, were there enjoying crafts, a buffet lunch with a salad bar, and birthday cakes, one for Esther and one for the Senior Center’s Laurie Fanelli, who shares the same birthday. 

(Credit: Adam Bundy)

Many of the guests stopped by Esther’s table and took a seat next to her to wish her a Happy Birthday, as well as to reminisce and share memories.  A sing-a-long of Happy Birthday and camp songs, followed.  We finished up with a storytelling game.

A happy gathering of friends and family helped Esther Hunt celebrate her birthday. (Credit: Adam Bundy)

With spirits lifted, our community’s seniors headed home and were overheard saying and confirming, “Shelter Island is such a special place”.